Wig Color Secrets from the Pros: Ellen Wille


ELLEN WILLE has some of the most beautiful colors! That part is no secret, but what some people might not know is Ellen Wille takes their colors very seriously and makes sure each color is unique in their own way. The hand painted highlights showcase the type of color only a truly talented hair colorist could create.

Let us Break Down the Colors

You may notice colors with similar names while browsing through this brand, for example: Caramel Rooted, Caramel Mix, and Caramel Lighted. So what's the difference? (We'll let you in on the secret).

Most base colors are a blend of 3 different color tones creating a "color theme". For example, Caramel would be the "color theme". The prefix or suffix will give you a hint how the colors are blended into the piece. We broke it down for you here:


 A blend of highlights and lowlights for a most natural look


Natural rooting using a shade a level or two darker than the base


A darker variety of the base color 


A brighter version of the base color


Highlighted bangs or flash front


A more vivid variety of the color


Lighter tipped ends of the hair


When the root is applied only to the top of the head (where as "Rooted" is throughout the whole cap)



Color Terms in Context

Flame Mix is a blend of dark burgundy red, bright cherry red, and dark auburn blend. The picture below shows this color:

Hot Flame Mix is similar, but with the "Hot" prefix, it communicates there will be a more vivid variety of highlights as you can see in the image below:

Ellen Wille Wigs - Talia Mono 

Champagne Rooted is a blend of light beige blonde, medium honey blonde, and platinum blonde with dark roots. It is pictured below:

Light Champagne Rooted will be similar to Champagne Rooted, but is a lighter variation as you can see in the picture below:


Differences in Color from Style to Style

What some people don't know is that even with the color terms, such as Mix, Hot, or Rooted, there can still be differences between the colors from style to style. This is an artistic choice made by the designers, and they handcraft what they feel the style needs, making each piece unique. For example, let's look at Hot Flame Mix again:

Ellen Wille Wigs - Point in Hot Flame Mix
Ellen Wille Wigs - Talia Mono in Hot Flame Mix

You can see the style Point (Left) is more of a bright blend while the style Talia Mono (Right) has a lot of the Bright Cherry red in front and fades to more of the Dark Burgundy in the back. The mixes change from piece to piece but the color theme will be the same.


Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love the feeling of walking away from a hair salon, and absolutely loving the fresh, personal look created by the hair stylist? If this resonates with you, Ellen Wille colors will make you feel fabulous! We hope you have enjoyed looking a little closer at the Ellen Wille colors with us! Feel free to reach out if you still have questions about Ellen Wille colors.

-NBW Family

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