Grey Wigs by brand

Grey Wig Colors by Brand

You may be in the market for grey wig colors if you are transitioning to your natural hair color, or you may choose to wear a lovely grey color for fun.

Some of the most popular of today’s grey hair colors are ranging between ash blonde and silver. Grey and black variations, inspired by “salt and pepper” hair, are also among the most frequently requested colors.

We have collected all of the grey colors from our most popular brands, to help navigate through the decisions.


Jon Renau

Jon Renau has the largest variety of grey wig colors. There are 27 grey variations in this brand. These tones range from 5% grey to pure white. The Jon Renau grey colors are:

34, 36, 38, 38/39, 39, 39/38, 39F38, 44, 48, 48T, 51, 51F44, 51F48, 54, 54F48, 56, 56/51, 56F51, 59, 60, 60F51, 60F56, 60B56F, 92, 101F48T, Sleet (60S18) Storm (FS36/56/60S4), and 280.

Not every style comes in every grey. Jon Renau’s more popular greys are: 38, 56F51, 60, and 101F48T.


Jon Renau Wigs - Kristi (#5706) 

in the color 101F48T

Jon Renau Wigs - Annette (#5138) 

in the color Storm (FS36/56/60S4)

Click here for the Jon Renau Grey Color Chart

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Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch has a few different color collections. Two of their main selections are the Tru2Life and a color line for their regular synthetic. Each one has some different grey options listed below. These tones of grey range from Pure White (R60) to Smoked Walnut (R38) which is light brown with 50% grey. The Raquel Welch grey colors are:


Smoke (RL28), Silver (RL56/60), Silver & Smoke (R119), Sugar & Charcoal (RL511), and Iced Granita (RL51/61).

Regular synthetic:

Smoked Walnut (R38), Steel Gray (R44), Walnut Mist (R48), Smoke (R56), Silver Mist (R56/60), White Mist (R60), Palest Pearl (R61), Gradient Smoke (R119G), Gradient Smoked Walnut (R388), Gradient Charcoal (R511G), and Pearl Platinum (R101).


Raquel Welch Wigs - Voltage

in Iced Granita (R51/61)

Raquel Welch Wigs - Flirt Alert

in Silver (RL56/60)

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Rene of Paris, Noriko, and Amore

Rene of Paris, Noriko, and Amore (all made by the same manufacturer) have 17 grey colors in total: 

Midnite Pearl, Sandy Silver, Silver Mink, Silver Stone, Smokey Gray-R, Simply White, Moonstone, Pastel Blue-R, Illumina-R, Snowy Sapphire-R, Bubblegum-R, 38, 39, 44, 51, 56, and 60.

The most popular grey tones for Rene of Paris, Noriko, and Amore are: Silver Stone, Midnite Pearl, Simply White, and Sandy Silver.


Rene of Paris Wigs - Samy #2340

in Sandy Silver

Noriko Wigs - Faith #1705

in Silver Stone

Click here for the Amore, Noriko and Rene of Paris Color Chart

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Amore Grey Wigs
Noriko Grey Wigs



Estetica has 17 Grey colors:

Iced Gray, ChromeRT1B, R34, R344LF58, R37, R38, R44, R51, R56, R60, R280, R51T, R51LF60, R56/22H, R56/60, R56T, and R59T.

Estetica’s more popular greys are:  ChromeRT1B, R344LF58, and R60


Estetica Wigs - Brady


Estetica Wigs - True

in R344LF58

Click here for the Estetica Color Chart

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Envy has three grey wig colors: Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Medium Grey.

Something that is unique about Envy is they have Human Hair Blends, a combination of human hair and synthetic, which allows the styles to have grey colors. Human hair products do not typically have grey colors, because the processing on the hair is too harsh and can damage the human hair. Click here to look at more Human Hair Blends from Envy.


Envy Wigs - Alyssa Petite

in Light Grey

Envy Wigs - Tandi - Human Hair Blend

in Medium Grey

Click here for the Envy Color Chart

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Final Thoughts

We hope we sparked your interest in a couple new grey colors! If you found this post fascinating, feel free to share it with a friend!

-NBW Family

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