Boat rides, hot dogs on the grill, and fireworks--It's that time of year again: the Fourth of July! Whether you're out in the blazing sun or sitting around the fire after dark, we want to make sure you're keeping cool, while looking cool all day long. ;-)  Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curly; we've got you covered. Here are some fun ways to style your wigs this Fourth of July -- and every day after that. Enjoy!

1. A bandanna

I love bandannas for summer style, it adds a pop of color and a little spunk to every outfit, whether you are in shorts and a t-shirt or a pretty little sundress. They are wonderful for keeping the hair out of your face in the summer breeze, wherever you may find yourself this Fourth of July! Rock it with long hair (shown here with the Amore Stevie in Sugar Cane)

Plain_Bandana1EDIT To learn more about Stevie, click here

Plain_Bandana2EDIT   or with short hair for more of a retro look... (Shown here with the Noriko Reese Partial Mono in Creamy Blond)...

Sky_Bandana1EDIT To learn more about Reese, click here

Or, my personal favorite from this shoot--Curly! The Ellen Wille Jamila Hi in the color Ginger Rooted was the perfect pair with a spunky red bandanna! :-)

Curls_Bandana3EDIT Wear it down...

Curls_Pony1EDIT Or pull it back into a low ponytail!

 You can't go wrong with a classic bandanna and some overalls, right? ;-)  

2. Braids Double braids aren't just for kids anymore, they have made an exciting comeback this summer for all ages!  They are a great way to keep long hair off of your neck, and keep you looking cool while feeling cool. For bonus style points, try adding a fun hat as we have done here with the Amore Stevie! :-)


For short hair, try a braided bang on for size! It adds a nice touch to any short piece for summer. Here we have done it on the Noriko Reese Partial Mono. :-)

Sky_Braid1EDIT If you have long hair and want a fun new way to wear your hair completely up and off of your face and neck, Milkmaid Braids (also called Dutch Braids) might be the style for you! We love this style on the Stevie, the bangs look adorable! :-)

MilkMaidBraids_1EDIT Finally, if you're more of a free spirit, try a boho braid--style points if you add a flower crown! :-)

Boho_Braid1_EDITBoho_Braid2_EDIT Braids of any sort give a sweet, summertime vibe to any piece. Give it a try!  

3. Half-Up

There was a lot of volume in the studio the other day with this style! If you want a little extra "oomph" to your hair this summer, try a high half-up bun or pony. Here we have it shown as a bun on the Stevie (so versatile, that one ;-) ).

Half_Up1EDITHalf_Up2EDIT Add a little extra sass to your look-- give the half-up style a try! So Trendy!

4. Boho Bun

Finally, break out your Birkenstock sandals and a flowy dress--a boho bun is the perfect way to keep cool and flaunt your free-spirited side! Here we have curled a Jon Renau Spicy in the color 24B22, tossed it in a low bun, and added a flower crown. This look definitely brings a new meaning to 'boho chic', and is oh-so-simple! :-) To learn more about Spicy, and to learn how to curl and straighten a heat defiant piece, click here!


These styles are so much fun, and I hope that you will give them a try this holiday weekend, and if you like them--every day after that. ;-)

Please let us know if you try any of these looks, they are for everyone and every wig--we would absolutely love to see some fun photos of our awesome customers! Who knows, you may even be featured in a future post. ;-)

With that, have a fun, safe Fourth of July weekend--wherever you may find yourself. God bless America!  

Until next time,

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