Let’s Play Dress Up with These Awesome Name Brand Wigs

Hello lovelies! Welcome to October! Teresa here with some ideas for any costume parties you might have coming up.

Fall is a fabulous time to gather with friends, sip some cider, light a fire and socialize. A favorite tradition for many is attending a costume party. Dressing up as someone completely different from your everyday self can be lots of fun. Some costumes are outrageous, others funny and some are downright inspirational. If you’re struggling with some ideas for a costume party- or you just love the “look-alike” posts, I’ve got some good ones for you today!  Let’s get started!

 Hillary Clinton

Super Cute Mono Top that's Sure to Be a Candidate for Your Favorite

One dress up idea that is certain to be popular is Hillary Clinton. Political bigwigs are always popular and everyone knows Mrs. Clinton.  You can imitate her look with this mono top from Dream USA, by Aspen. The Diana (US 350)  has short layers with plenty of movement. You'll look positively presidential!

Dream USA Diana (US 350)

Dream USA Diana (US 350)

 Jon Renau Bombshell #112

Jon Renau Illusions Bombshell

Rock it Out with this Bombshell Illusions Wig from Jon Renau

Why not have a little fantasy fun with this long, loosely finger-waved costume wig from the Jon Renau Illusions collection, the Bombshell. She’s got full, fabulous fringe to add to your mystery. You can glam it up just like Katy Perry with this oh-so-fun piece. Pure dress up and sure to add some fun to your party The Bombshell (#112) is a great way to let loose and play for the night!

Katy Perry

 Nicki Minaj

Check it Out with this Nicki Minaj Look-Alike!

It’s all about the fun with Ms. Minaj and this popping Party Girl Candy Stripe from Jon Renau (# 111A) is full of fun! You’re gonna smile just putting this one on with its bright layers of color and past-the-shoulders length. The super blunt bangs are adorable. Dress up your inner party girl!

Jon Renau Party Girl Candy Stripe 111A

Jon Renau Party Girl Candy Stripe


Take the Throne Of Your Favorite Games And Be The Khaleesi

Have you been glued to the uber popular HBO hit, Game of Thrones for the past few years? If so, you know the Khaleesi is a femme title approaching royalty! You can try a couple of options to re-create this queen-like look.


 Noriko Angelica (#1625)

Noriko Angelica Partial Mono

Try the Noriko Angelica (#1625) in Creamy Toffee for a gorgeous long piece with just the right blonde.  You can choose Angelica in a wefted cap or a partial mono cap for styling versatility.

(This is the partial mono Angelica  (#1696)  from Noriko in Kahlua Blast)  

 Another great Khalessi look is the Obsession by Incognito (# 296) in Platinum or Snow White. I’ve added photos of both of these pieces, but as you see, we haven’t got the pics in the spectacular light blonde (color shown is Vanilla Twist). 

Incognito Obsession (#296)

Incognito Obsession

 Whitney Houston

Wanna Dance with Somebody? Vivica Fox Brings Whitney to the Party!

Whitney Houston will always be remembered for her out of this world voice and her incredible beauty! Dress up as the “Queen of the Night” with this perfect replica, the Whitney from Vivica A. Fox.  

This is a human hair piece, but you’ll by shocked by the reasonable price. You can’t afford NOT to try this piece! These loose, layered spiral curls will have you rocking like Ms. Houston anytime you want.


Vivica A Fox Whitney

Vivica A Fox Whitney


Be the Beauty, NOT the Beast with this Rene of Paris Classic

Who didn’t love Emma Watson as the stunning Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Re-create that fantasy with a fab gown and the Rene of Paris Felicity (#2353) in Marble Brown or Copper Glaze. These long, loose waves are gorgeous and you will feel like a Princess in this incredible piece from Rene of Paris.


Rene of Paris Felicity

Rene of Paris Felicity

There you go, ladies You’re all set with some terrific costume or masquerade looks for the upcoming holiday season. We know you’ll look just like you-- with a twist! Be sure and swing by our Facebook page with some phenomenal photos for us! We’ll be watching for you!