Ombre and Balayage- Having Fun with Color in Your Wigs

Hi beauties! Teresa here again to talk about some color trends. Now that summer has left us and we are starting to see the fall weather move in, it’s the perfect time to talk ombre and balayage color. After months of bleaching it out at the beach, fall brings some darker, deeper colors, but that doesn’t mean hair needs to get boring. NOPE! Not for you! 

Rene of Paris - Vina - Honeycomb Brown

Rene of Paris - Vina - Honeycomb Brown

 HairDo Wigs - Mint to Be

HairDo Wigs - Mint to Be

Beauty has no rules! That’s right- the definition of gorgeous expands and changes and frankly, we couldn’t be happier. If you’re of a “certain age”, you can remember when adding color to hair meant NO DARK ROOTS ever. Those who could wear their own hair, but added color, were constantly having to touch up those roots, so no one would guess. This old rule of hair beauty has gone the way of the VCR. (You might still cling to it, but there’s much better looking stuff out there!) Today’s answer to roots? Let ‘em shine. In fact, let those darker colors flow right on down your gorgeous face and THEN change it up!

What is the Difference Between Ombre and Balayage Colors?

 An ombre color starts out darker at the roots and gets lighter as it travels down the length of the hair, with the lightest color at the tips. Noriko has some fabulous Long Rooted colors- which give the ombre effect. The Angelica comes in Long Rooted colors and if you’re ready for the pizazz of a long, luscious red, you REALLY need to check out Angelica in Crimson LR.  Raquel Welch has some gorgeous ombre colors as well, including a darker Coffee Ombre.

A balayage color is similar to the ombre, in that it starts out darker at the root and the lighter color becomes more dense toward the tips.  These two color trends are both in the same neighborhood of changing color, with the balayage being a bit more subtle. Try the Noriko Macadamia LR or the Estetica Orchid in ROM1488.

Noriko - Angelica - Crimson LR

 Rene of Paris - Evanna - Ice Blond

The Aderans company (parent of Rene of Paris, Noriko and Amore) really does a nice job with these color trends. If you’re a fan of the changing highlight, but not the dark root on a blonde, check out the Rene of Paris Evanna in the Ice Blond

Transition Into Fall With Ombre and Balayage Colors

Ombre and balayage colors are perfect for the transition into fall. One of the best parts of wearing quality wigs is you can have all the latest color and fashion trends. Give yourself a little treat today and order a trendy ombre or balayage color for fall! Just because summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Spice things up with a fun, new color today!

Let me know what you think of these fun color trends in the comments, won’t you?


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