Hello ladies! We are back with another part in our Seeing Double Series, if you have not read Part 1 please click here, and if you would like to read Part 2 click here. I am so excited to show you some more styles that look like they could be sisters!

The Jon Renau Ignite (color 8/30) and the Belle Tress Spice Girl (color Chocolate with Caramel) are almost completely interchangeable. Both of these styles go from about 1.5" to 8". They are both heat friendly and both have a lace front. The main difference is the Spice Girl has a mono part. 


Next we have triplets! Well, not really but I found three styles that are very comparable. The Estetica Jones (color R8/26H), Henry Margu Paige (color 4H), and the Raquel Welch Stop Traffic (color SS12/20). The overall style of these three pieces are very similar. There are a few differences in the layers and the curl patterns as well as the cap construction, which can be really helpful if you are looking for something specific. 


The Estetica Wynter (RH1488RT8) and Belle Tress Cascara (Chocolate with Caramel) are super cute and unique sister wigs. They are both a fun A-line bob with a beautiful and similar curl pattern. The Cascara is a few inches longer and is heat friendly.


To bring Seeing Double Part 3 to an end, I am going to share with you FIVE styles I found that are a mix of what I am going to call sister and cousin wigs! Bear with me here.. haha! There are two sets that look extremely similar and one odd ball. I am going to stop trying to explain this and just get into it!

The first two we have are the Jon Renau Angelique (color 24BT18S8) and the Envy Leyla (color Cinnamon Raisin). They both have a standard cap and are about the same length.  


  The next two sister styles, or cousins of the ones above are the Amore Miranda (color Maple Sugar) and the Orchid Serena (color Creme Brulee). These styles are a few inches longer than the Angelique and Leyla, but the side sweeping bangs and overall look is what makes them look so similar. The Miranda has a double monofilament top and the Serena is a standard cap. The main difference between these two styles is the Miranda has some shorter layers than the Serena. 






 And last we have the 2nd cousin, the Raquel Welch Show Stopper (color Shaded Hazelnut) 😂. This style is the most different from the rest, it has razored ends and it is the shortest of all of the styles. BUT I wanted to share this because it has the most different cap construction and I wanted to give ya'll an option that is similar to these, but is heat friendly, has a lace front, and monofilament top. 




Do you have any styles in particular that you want a sister style for? Leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to find a similar style for you, and maybe even make a part 4 😉. 

Sincerely yours,