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Seeing Double Posts

We often get the question “What would be a comparable wig to the one I’m wearing now?” Maybe you really like your current style, but are interested in a different type of cap. Perhaps you just want to spice things up with a change of color options, or you've heard the dreaded "your item is out of stock", and now you are scrambling to find a suitable replacement! It is important to us that you have as many options as possible, so we have compiled some popular cuts and their twins (or triplets, etc.) for you!  Check them out! 


You may have heard of the Noriko Reese. :) It has consistently stayed in the best-selling slot here at Name Brand Wigs for years! Try checking out the Belle Tress Bailey. Many of our customers have compared its look to the Reese. What about the TressAllure Alexa? Fun Fact: Noriko Suzuki is the wig designer of both the Noriko Reese and the TressAllure Alexa which may be why they look so similar! If nothing can replace the classic Reese in your eyes, don't forget this same style is offered in a Partial Mono, or a Large cap.

 Noriko Reese Belle Tress Bailey TressAllure Alexa


Waves are all the rage! We selected just three for you. However, it seems like every week the designers are coming out with a new wavy style, and you can literally get this look in any length!        

 Raquel Welch Editor's Pick   Gabor Soft and Subtle Belle Tress Biscotti Babe


 Tony of Beverly and Raquel Welch have both mastered the art of texture with these two comparable looks!                                                                

Tony of Beverly Haily  Raquel Welch Chic Alert


A bob is the kind of look that will never go out of style. We have you covered by offering tons of bob options, with each brand putting their own twist on this classic cut. Here are just a few of our favorites:


 Estetica Jamison Jon Renau Kristen
Noriko Hailey Ellen Wille Elite



Is it just us, or is this a perfect pairing?

 Jon Renau Evan  Amore Tiana XO


These next two styles are similar cuts, but both also feature heat friendly fiber which means you have the ability to change up the style!

 HairDo Long with Layers Revlon Spellbound


We hope this gave you some further options! As always if you need any help picking out a new wig color or style please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help!          - Leah XO


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  • Irina on

    For many years I was wearing wig Brook by Rene of Paris. With my luck they discontinue this wig. Now I am wearing Sky mono but still missing Brook. They still have it in U.K. but you have to wait for three months and if god forbid is something wrong with it it’s a problem. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

  • julia Schall on

    I love this idea, keep them coming. And maybe even ones for color, that would be very very helpful, color across the brands.

  • Julie Martin on

    I would love to find a wig that is just like Sparkle Elite by Raquel Welch, but with a longer nape (Sparkle is 1.75") I love the lace front and mono top, but the back is just a little too short and my bio hair has to be shaved to keep it hidden.

  • NBW Support on

    Hi KC!

    Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed it! The Rene of Paris Talia does have a fairly tight curl. The Belle Tress Kahlua, and the Envy Kelsey and Envy Kenya also have a tighter curl pattern.

  • KC on

    Thank you for “ Seeing Double”. Ellen Willie has discontinued Switch 4. HELP! I’ve worn Switch for 3 years. It most resembles my former naturally curly mop. The Haily, Talia, Tousled curls look too loose. Any suggestions? Many thanks. Kathleen

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