Pardon the all caps, please. Teresa here and I’m just a little excited. Noriko just brought out two new styles, two new colors AND two pieces in a NEW LARGE SIZE! This stuff is big, ladies!! BIG!!

Short Sassy Style in Blake


WOW is this cute! If you are ready for a super short, sensational style, this one has your name all over it. Blake is a short, sassy, bowl cut that’s a little bit retro and a little bit chic and modern.



From the front, the side or the back, this style is so so cute. It’s takes a little bit of courage to go this short, but that’s the beauty of a wig, isn’t it? For those who wear a steady style, short might feel a little intimidating, but give Blake a try. This easy, peasy style is perfect for the upcoming holidays as it expresses the perfect shake-and-go hair so many women love.

If you’re someone who loves to change her look, how fun is it to try something this brave! Love this look!


Better Not Miss Billie!

This is my favorite new style from Noriko this time! Does she remind you a bit of Reese? Or is that just me? So many of our gorgeous customers love Reese, but some find she has too much hair. To me, Billie looks like a trimmed down version of Reese. BIlie has a half ounce less hair than Reese. If you know the world of hair, you know a half ounce is a lot of hair.

 Yet, Billie still has the spiky, edgy style we love.  Dress her up, go casual. This do can do it all.


NEW  COLORS?? What’s New in Color from Noriko?

Ok, I gotta spill a secret. I absolutely LOVE Noriko’s colors. I do. Ginger Brown? Ginger H? Oh, I can’t even tell you. So when I heard Noriko is sporting new colors, I couldn’t believe it!! Let’s take a look:

  Bubblegum-R is a rooted platinum that is showstopping! I really love this and if you’re ready to rock your metal, it’s time to try this one. This one has a silvery, metal pink cast to it. Have you seen Noriko’s Illumina color? With  it’s kind of blue cast? Same type of thing, only this time the pink girls are covered.  It’s powerful.


  The second fabulous new color is Cherrywood. I LOVE this one. I really get fired up about awesome powerful reds. I grew up Strawberry Blonde and always felt like I just missed it when it came to hair color. So, I live vicariously through all of you bombshells who can rock a red. BOOM. This one is rich and yummy!



Finding a style and color you love is tough work. There is NOTHING quite as frustrating as finally finding the look you would love to wear and then finding out it is too small.


Two big Noriko favorites are now available in a new LARGE size. Ready. . . . it’s Noriko Reese and Noriko Angelica! Finally, you can wear these beauties in a more comfortable, larger size.


So, what do you think? Do you love the styles? Those colors? Ready to get yours now? (thought so)