Face shapes play one of the most important parts in finding a hairstyle that works for you. Knowing your shape will help you to determine what cuts and styles will best flatter you! Today, we will be covering all of the bases to assist you in finding the perfect look for you based on your own unique face shape. Diamond diamond-864390-1469578645

  • If you were to draw lines from the center of your hairline, to your cheekbones, to your chin, it would make a diamond shape.
  • Pointed chins and high cheekbones
  •  Narrow hairline as opposed to the wide hairline of a heart shaped face
  • Styles you can rock: A chin length style, an angled pixie cut, a long bob, wavy or curly texture, middle parts, curtain or bardot bangs
  • Styles to avoid: Severe ponytails, one-length bobs with blunt bangs,
  • Celebrities with diamond faces: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene
Square square-864388-1469578483
  • Sides of the face are straight, and jaw is slightly angled with a minimal curve
  • The face is nearly as wide as it is long
  • Styles you can rock: Short layered bob with subtle bangs (Cameron Diaz), light, shoulder length layers with a sweeping bang (Olivia Wilde), collarbone-skimming strands with slight bangs that hit the cheekbone (Jessica Simpson)
  • Styles to avoid: Blunt bangs, deep parts, cuts that will make your face look "boxy"
  • Celebrities with square faces: Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie
Rectangle oblong-864392-1469578799
  • Face is oblong, or longer than it is wide
  • Chin has a very slight curve
  • Forehead, cheeks, and jaw are the same width
  • Styles you can rock: Long hair with a fringe, medium waves with a fringe, bob with a fringe, lots of layers, rounded bangs or bardot bangs, a-line cuts, updos
  • Styles to avoid: 
  • Celebrities with rectangle faces: Joan Smalls, Sarah Jessica Parker
 Heart heart-864394-1469578872
  • Chin is pointed and forehead is the largest part of the face
  • Usually have a widow's peak hairline
  • Other than the forehead, the features of diamond faces and heart faces are the same!
  • Styles you can rock: Coy pixie clipped evenly on the sides with short layers on top (Halle Berry), collarbone lentgth long bob with a sweeping bang and uniform layers (Reese Witherspoon), Long layers with curly sections and bangs (Taylor Swift)
  • Styles to avoid: Heavy tops, boyish-short haircuts, styles that draw attention to your chin
  • Celebrities with rectangle faces: Reese Witherspoon, Chloë Grace Moretz
Circle round-864396-1469578930
  • Square shaped but with softer angles
  • Sides of the face curve slightly inward
  • Chin is rounded and cheekbones are widest part of the face
  • Styles you can rock: Gamine with spiky layers around crown (Ginnifer Goodwin), long bob with wispy pieces around neck (Charlize Theron), long barely-there layers that hit the jawline (Selena Gomez)
  • Styles to avoid: Styles that end around the chin area, completely straight hair (this can emphasize your round features)
  • Celebrities with rectangle faces: Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Ginnifer Goodwin
Oval oval-864398-1469578972
  • Forehead only a tiny bit wider than the curved chin
  • Picture and "upside down egg" shape
  • Styles you can rock: An angular bob with with, chin-hugging layers (Keira Knightley), a sleek blowout hitting shoulder length-- long bob (Ashley Greene), long strands paired with a retro texture and sweeping fringe (Emma Stone)
  • Styles to avoid: Geometric cuts, short layers on top, volume at the crown, all one length
  • Celebrities with rectangle faces: Olivia Munn, Kerry Washington, Blake Lively

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