Let's Talk about Toppers

 Have you ever gotten up in the morning filled with excitement because you get to do something you’ve waited for a long time to do? Woo Hoo! That’s today for me! This is Teresa here. Some of you may remember me from when I worked in the office a while back, whipping open wig boxes like a kid at Christmas, trying to help you find the perfect color and style. Others of you haven’t met me yet. That’s OK- we’ll get to know each other here. While I’m not on the phones any more, I’ll do my part here to help answer your questions, brighten your day and add to your knowledge about the wonderful world of wigs.

  I absolutely loved my job working with Joshua 24.com and Name Brand Wigs, but I had a bit of a health issue that sent me home. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team again and look forward to serving you here. Don’t be shy about commenting and saying hello. This blog is just one more way we all work together to make sure you get EXACTLY the wigs and accessories you want and need most.

 Today, we going to talk a bit about toppers. But first, did any of you have the opportunity to watch the eclipse in totality on August 21st? Here in Central MN we were far outside the prime viewing zone and then had some overcast skies, so we didn’t really capture the awesome event in its fullest. How about you?

photo of eclipse


Now, let's talk about toppers! Many of our customers aren’t ready for a full wig, but they do need a little helper hair to cover the thin spots. That’s wear toppers come to the rescue. 

What Are Toppers?

Toppers are not full wigs. They are smaller pieces created to wear on the top of your head and cover up thinning or balding spots. They add volume and help restore the look of your hair to a younger, more natural style. The idea of a topper is often related to a balding man and a poor toupee. Did you know many women wear a bit of helper hair? And that idea of that topper looking ridiculous and phony? Never fear. Toppers have come a long way, baby. And we’re here to help.

There are a couple of tricky issues when choosing the perfect topper. Right at the top of the list? Color, of course. A topper needs to match your own hair- and it needs to be a really good match. We have color charts on our site and we also have color rings you can order to show the swatches of the actual colors. Both of these tools are helpful in choosing a color. I want to let you in a little secret, though, that you may not be used to from some of those other wig companies. If you click on that little chat button you see on our site,  text us at 320-292-3447 or pick up your phone and call us at 320-685-7100, we will work directly with you to choose the perfect color for your hair. You can shoot us a picture of your hair. You can tell us a color that works from one brand and we’ll find a comparable one in another brand. You can even send us a swatch of your own hair. We will jump through all the hoops to try and find you the very best color match for your own hair.

Same goes for the type of topper. There are toppers that cover a fairly small area of your scalp, right at the part, like the Easihair EasiPart. These toppers fit right over your center part and fill that area with soft, silky hair. This particular style is a clip on piece, made with Remy human hair, and a french drawn top for the most realistic look possible!

Jon Renau's EasiHair Easipart

The easiPart line comes in several lengths and styles to match your part line with ease.


We carry toppers in many different brands. One of our best sellers is the Amore Medium MonoTop Piece. This is an Amore piece, which means it has a double-monofilament cap. Each hair fiber is individually hand tied, giving you a very natural look. These can be parted in different places and if anyone happens to see the top of your head, they see your scalp and hair, just like everyone else. Just look at these before and after photos for a view of what a difference this top piece can make in your look- and your confidence! There are four simple clips that hold this piece in place- and they come in many of Amore’s fabulous colors.

Before photo of women without topper
After photo of woman with a topper


Toppers Make a Perfect Entry Point to Wearing Hair

Making the transition to wearing hair- whether it's a full wig or a topper is a big step. A topper is a perfect place to start. We carry many different brands, styles and colors so we can help you find the right one for your needs. We’d love to help you find the perfect topper. Call us today!

Let’s talk about toppers! Tell us in the comments what your biggest concerns are regarding wearing a topper. Let us know what you love, or maybe what you have found difficult. The more we know about what you’re looking for, the more we can work to find the perfect look just for you!

Until next time,


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