Let's break down three of the Spring 2019 trend predictions we are most excited for! 


According to Pinterest, searches for "going grey" have increased by 879 percent! That's huge! We have truly begun to embrace going grey, instead of seeing it as such a bad thing and it's about time! The wig companies have caught on to this demand, and fortunately have a ton of fashion forward grey shades, just in time for spring! If you are not ready to go full grey yet, there are also so many ashy, icy blonde shades right now that are the perfect transition color and what better time of the year than spring to start going lighter?! 


 Estetica Perry in SilverSunRT8            Ellen Wille Ultra in Pearl Grey Mix 


We will continue to see blunt cuts grow in popularity as they work for every face shape! They can also be slightly adjusted in length for what fits your needs best.


If you want to try out the popular blunt cut, but need more width (like me and my narrow face), the new Rene of Paris Adeline is a great option. It is a blunt across cut, but with body throughout that adds volume and width. 


The new Rene of Paris Cheyenne is taking on two trends in one, with it's blunt cut and their new fashion forward color, Smoky Gray-R!


Hair scarves are a super easy way to instantly elevate your style! You can buy them in all different patterns and colors to have a different look everyday of the week. They work halfup, around your ponytail, or as a full headband. They are the perfect summer accessory, and for practical purposes are great for keeping hair off your face or neck during warm months. This helps prevent your wig from frizzing, so it's a win, win! 

Jon Renau Sarah 

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So are you loving or leaving these predictions going into Spring? Let us know in the comments below!