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It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us! Thank goodness for alternative hair to help us look our best!

During November I seem to be more intentional about reflecting on the things I’m thankful for and there is always something to be thankful for! Some days we may need to search a little harder, but as the saying goes “there is always always always something to be thankful for!”

Here is our NameBrandWigs thankful list:

    Guaranteed! We all want to look our best and alternative hair helps us achieve that perfect hair style every day. You can conquer the world with great hair and you’ve got this!
    Long hair one day, and short the next. Endless color options, curly textures, sleek and straight, human hair or synthetic definitely something to be grateful for. The list goes on and on!
    We love to hear the testimonies and see the pictures you send us of your beautiful hair. It literally puts a smile on our face to know that you are looking your best and feeling confident wearing your beautiful hair and we get to share in that excitement!
    We have 35 different brands on our website, but who’s counting? Each brand has its unique design, made with care, and we love the name brand fashion at affordable prices.
    It connects us to you whether you live in the U.S., or a country thousands of miles away. It makes you all feel a little bit closer.  
    Because we LOVE to keep you up to date on the newest styles and colors!
    We have some good ones in store for you and everyone loves a good surprise! :)
  1. YOU!
    We are your biggest fan and so honored and grateful that you have entrusted us to help meet your alternative hair needs.

A thankful heart is a happy heart! Now it’s your turn to share, what are some things that you are thankful for today?

Have a lovely week and Happy Thanksgiving!



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  • Betty Fried on

    I just had my first experience ordering from NameBrandWigs — wow, what a lovely experience! I spoke with Emily who is extremely personable, helpful, and smart. It was more like an exchange with a friend than a business transaction. I’ve been wearing wigs for 15 years (hereditary hair loss – not strictly alopecia – but extremely thin all over). NameBrandWigs is my new go-to to cover that shiny scalp with the continuously thinning hair. Thank you, kind Emily.

  • Emily on

    Marylou, thank you for sharing what you are thankful for in this season! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family! :-)

  • Emily on

    Colleen, thank you! :-) May you have a blessed Thanksgiving also!

  • Colleen Giese on

    I’m thankful that you first named your company Joshua 24. Also that I see the power & love of the Holy Spirit in some of your wig review sisters recently. Talk about bearing witness of HIM without laboring at it, wow! Also thankful that y’all never once messed up an order since buying way back to 2002. That’s precision. Blessed Thanksgiving season to all & especially everyone going thru something may you be comforted knowing you are so LOVED.

  • Marylou Roebuck on

    I am thankful for finding” NameBrandWigs”! I wore my first purchase back home in the summer and my boys love it!😀 I appreciate all the choices you give us at NameBrandWigs and at discount prices,especially if your on a fixed income like me! Blessings to you all! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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