The Best Sister Shade Alternatives for Discontinued Belle Tress Colors

Has your favorite Belle Tress color been discontinued? If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect new color, read on, because we have some suggestions for you! Recently, Belle Tress has discontinued several colors such as Cappuccino with Cherry, Coffee Without Cream, Coconut Silver Blonde, Marshmallow Blonde, Nutella Buttercream, & Vanilla Lush. We gathered several sister shades to help you navigate which color options are available to replace these discontinued colors.


Coconut Silver Blonde

Coconut Silver Blonde is a blend of silver, pure cool ash, and coconut blonde with platinum blonde highlights.

Coconut Silver Blonde

Some sister color options for Coconut Silver Blonde are:

Belle Tress - Roca Margarita Blonde

A blend of silver, pure ash, and coconut blonde with soft, cool medium, and light brown roots.

Roca Margarita Blonde

Gabor - Silvery Moon (GL60-101)

Creamy to off-white grey.

Silvery Moon


Marshmallow Blonde

Marshmallow Blonde features the color combo 101/102/103/60A (this is a mixture blend of platinum, pure, and satin blonde with marshmallow blonde highlights).

Belle Tress Marshmallow Blonde

The following colors would be great options to substitute for Marshmallow Blonde:

Belle Tress - Bombshell Blonde

A blend of white, pure blonde, and satin blonde with a golden-brown root.

Belle Tress Bombshell Blonde

Raquel Welch - Shaded Biscuit (RL19/23SS)

Cool platinum blonde with subtle highlights and medium brown roots.

Raquel Welch Shaded Biscuit

TressAllure - Silky Sand

Dark brown roots on pale champagne blonde.

TressAllure Silky Sand


Coffee Without Cream

Coffee Without Cream is a blend of espresso coffee bean, darkest brown, and the hint of deepest rich caviar.

Belle Tress Coffee Without Cream

Sister color options for Coffee Without Cream are:

Henry Margu - 4GR

Dark brown hair with medium brown highlights and black roots.

Henry Margu 4GR

Jon Renau - 6 (Fudgesicle)

Medium dark brown hair.

Jon Renau Fudgesicle

Estetica - R2/4

Darkest brown hair blended with dark brown.

Estetica R2/4


Nutella Buttercream

Nutella Buttercream is a rich blend of medium chocolate brown, cinnamon, milk chocolate, and a hint of strawberry with cool blonde highlights.

Belle Tress Nutella Buttercream

If you like Nutella Buttercream, you might like the following sister shades:

Tony of Beverly - 12S28

Strawberry red in the front that transitions to a shaded light gold brown in the back.

Tony of Beverly 12S28

Envy - Golden Nutmeg

3-tone blend of a cinnamon brown base, chocolate brown roots, and golden blonde highlights.

Envy Golden Nutmeg

Jon Renau - 12/30BT (Rootbeer Float Blonde)

Dark blonde and medium red-gold blend with medium red golden tips.

Jon Renau 12/30BT

Estetica - RH12/26RT4

Light golden brown with medium butterscotch blonde highlights and dark brown roots.

Estetica RH12/26RT4


Cappuccino With Cherry

A blend of cappuccino dark brown and deep Bolzano brown highlighted with red mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Belle Tress Cappuccino With Cherry

The following colors would be great options to substitute for Cappuccino With Cherry:

Jon Renau 4/33 (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle)

Dark brown and dark red blend.

Jon Renau 4/33

Amore/Noriko/Rene of Paris - Dark Chocolate

Dark brown with a medium brown blend.

Amore, Noriko, & Rene of Paris - Dark Chocolate

TressAllure - Walnut Brown

Dark brown (6) blended with medium reddish brown (10).

TressAllure Walnut Brown


Vanilla Lush

A blend of honey blonde, gold blonde, light blonde with lightest blonde highlights.

Belle Tress Vanilla Lush

Sister color options for Vanilla Lush are:

Envy - Vanilla Butter

Golden blonde with lighter blonde highlights.

Envy Vanilla Butter

Amore/Noriko/Rene of Paris - Vanilla Lush

Butterscotch (140) with Platinum Blonde (102) highlights and tips.

Amore, Noriko, & Rene of Paris - Vanilla Lush

Jon Renau - 24B22 (Creme Brulee)

Gold blonde & light ash blonde blend.


Jon Renau 24B22

TressAllure - Princess Ivory

Light creamy blonde (102) with platinum blonde (103) highlights.

TressAllure Princess ivory

Henry Margu - 16H

Ash blonde with platinum blonde highlights.

Henry Margu 16H


Final Thoughts

Hopefully with these suggestions you are able to find your new favorite color, whether it is a Belle Tress color or from another brand. Happy wig shopping!


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