The Hottest New Gray Out This Season! Estetica's Graydient Storm

Who says gray has to be boring or plain? We are thrilled to introduce you to the stunning new Estetica color, Graydient Storm! This color is absolutely breathtaking and is guaranteed to help you make a bold and sophisticated statement. With Graydient Storm, you can embrace a whole new level of elegance and style. We are completely obsessed with this color, and we can't wait to dive into all the amazing details with you!


Color Breakdown

Graydient Storm features dark brown roots that seamlessly transition into beautiful light gray and silver tones towards the ends. This creates a modern and high fashion look that is sure to turn heads. Think of a salt and pepper color, except it has dark brown peppering instead of black. Check out our Jamison wig in Graydient Storm. It's truly a showstopper!

Estetica Jamison in Graydient Storm


Sister Color to Graydient Storm

Graydient Storm is a unique blend of grays, but it shares similarities to many other colors among different brands. For example, the Belle Tress color Chrome is a similar color to the Graydient Storm. As you can see from the photo of the Belle Tress Nitro 16, Chrome contains more silver tones, and the roots are not as long as those in Graydient Storm. If you are looking for a darker color with the same gray elements, Graydient Storm would be an excellent choice for you.

Belle Tress Nitro 16 in Chrome


I Want to Transition from Brunette to Gray...

Graydient Storm is also a great transition into gray color! If you're currently rocking a dark brown shade like the Jon Renau color 8/32 (Cocoa Bean) but have been considering transitioning to a stylish gray color, then Graydient Storm could be a winner! Check out the Jon Renau Bryce wig in 8/32 alongside the Estetica Avalon wig in Graydient Storm. These two options side by side will help you visualize the smooth transition from your current dark brown shade to the trendy gray color you're interested in.

Jon Renau Bryce in 8/32 Estetica Avalon in Graydient Storm


Graydient Smoke vs. Icy Shadow

If you are an avid Estetica wearer, you might be thinking: Wait, haven’t I seen this color before? Well, you aren’t alone. The Graydient Smoke has a very similar resemblance to the Estetica Icy Shadow; however, the colors are flip-flopped and instead of an icy blonde like you see in the Icy Shadow, it is a silver gray. So, if you like Icy Shadow but want more dark than light, then what are you waiting for!? Here is a photo of the Estetica Avalon in Icy Shadow for reference! 

Estetica Avalon in Icy Shadow

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? We would love to hear your opinion on the Graydient Storm. If you have any questions about this color, our customer service team is here to help you!  Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We hope you have a great day and an amazing holiday season!

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