Head wraps for Alopecia Patients, Cancer Patients, and Wig Wearers. Most comfortable pieces.

The Most Comfortable Headwraps

Here at Name Brand Wigs, most of the products we carry are wigs. Wigs can do a great job at mimicking real bio hair. But, sometimes, a simple, comfortable hat can make all the difference, and be the better pick depending on your situation. Whether you're going through chemo and your head is extremely sensitive, or you are enjoying a pool day with your family, Head Wraps are a wonderful accessory to have on hand!

Our Headwear products are made with the ever-changing needs of women with hair loss in mind. Many of the headwraps can also be styled over a wig or worn over your natural hair.  We have elegant and fun turbans, wraps, beanies, and headbands for the days you want to throw a cap on and feel comfortable and fashionable.
The headwrap is a beautiful hair accessory that has been around for thousands of years. It can both compliment and complete any outfit. Headwraps are also a good way to protect your hair. 

Christine Headwear - Azure Printed Turban #2105
Christine Headwear - Azure Printed Turban Jon Renau- Softie Accent (Prints) Christine Headwear - Laguna Sun Scarf #2108

Head Wrap Variations

We sell 36 different head wrap items. The brands we carry are: Christine and Jon Renau.

Christine Headwear is made by Aderans Hair Goods. We sell 24 Christine items including several children’s sizes and a wide variety of turbans and scarves. Christine Headwear brings you a fine mix of nature inspired scarf and turban designs made from the finest natural materials. All Christine Headwear is made from natural materials for very sensitive scalps without hair. 

Christine Headwear - B.B. Beatrice Turban with Ribbons (#2169) Christine Headwear - Karuna Turban #2104 Christine Headwear - Anna Tube (#2135)

Jon Renau Headwear has 13 items including Softies, Hats, Sleep Caps and Turbans. The different Jon Renau headwear items are made from either Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Rayon Viscose or Terry Cloth. They come in many beautiful and fun designs, or simple and solid colors.

Head Wraps - Softie Accent (Prints) by Jon Renau Head Wraps - Playful Softie by Jon Renau Head Wraps - Softie Wrap (prints) by Jon Renau

How to Style your Head Wrap

If you wish to style a head wrap on your natural hair it helps to pull your hair into a high pony or bun, pull the fabric towards the back of your head then tie the knot. Separate the ends and wrap each side in a spiral motion. Wrap the spiraled ends around your bun and tuck them into each other. Some people prefer to wear a wig cap or a velvet wig grip under the headwrap to prevent slippage.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you got some inspiration from these 23 styles. Whether you switch up your style for the year or stick with the same wig you normally wear, you look beautiful either way. We hope that you have a happy, safe, and exciting 2023. Let this be YOUR year!
-NBW Fam
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