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New Belle Tress Styles!

 Here it is, the big grand finale! We have EIGHT new styles from Belle Tress this month with more to come in the future. All of these wigs are from Belle Tress’ Lux Collection -  a collection of beautifully crafted hand tied wigs, made for any occasion. From short to long, or straight to curly, there is a style for everyone!



Belle Tress Veneta, a short bob wig with sleek layers





Veneta is a unique, chic bob. It has side-swept
fringe and is turned inwards in the front. The
back is lightly layered and flipped outwards
to add some texture and movement. Veneta
has heat friendly fibers, an extended lace front,
and is 100% hand tied. This style is crafted to
perfectly enhance your features and make you
feel like a million bucks!


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New Belle Tress Maison, bouncy curl bob






Add some fun and flirtiness to your look with
Maison! With its dynamic, bouncy curls, Maison
boasts a modernized vintage look. With that
volume and those curls, you’ll be shining all day




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Belle Tress Fontaine, a sleek, medium length, layered wig






Fontaine is a sleek, layered wig that gives off a modern, yet elegant vibe. Its cap is 100% hand
tied and has an extended lace front, creating a
high quality appearance and feel. Looking great
and feeling comfortable is sure to boost your confidence by 100%!



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If you love those effortless bobs that have a touch
of elegance, Saint is what you’re looking for!
Similar to the Veneta, this wig has side-swept
fringe and flipped ends. With a bit more shape
and fullness, Saint might just be the perfect way
for you to update your look!




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Belle Tress Hudson, a sleek, long bob wig





Have you been loving the bob styles, but would
prefer something a bit longer? Check out Belle
Tress’ Hudson! This long bob style is simple,
flawless, and classy. With its heat friendly fibers
and hand tied cap, you have the ability to style
it however you prefer! Embrace sophistication
and effortless beauty with Hudson.



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Belle Tress Taylor, long, cascading curls wig





Let's switch it up a bit with some long length
and bold curls! Taylor by Belle Tress is perfect
for getting that fashionable, glamorous look.
The hand tied cap construction creates a
natural appearance and is comfortable on the
scalp. Look runway-ready all the time with Taylor!




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Belle Tress McQueen, chic, layered 90s inspired bob




If you liked Veneta, you will probably be a fan
of McQueen. This is also a super flattering,
chic, layered bob. McQueen has nice volume
and beautiful face framing layers in the front,
with the overall length reaching just above
the shoulders. Its hand tied cap construction
allows for breathability and comfort, while its
lace front creates a seamless, natural hairline.



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Belle Tress Louie, classy, angled bob wig





Lastly, we have Louie. This wig is a timeless, sophisticated, tapered bob. This style angles
towards the face and frames it beautifully at
the chin. Louie is perfect for those who love effortlessness, while still looking classy!




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We hope you have enjoyed this series of all our new items! If this is the first one you have read, check out our previous blogs to read about many other new styles that launched this month. Which style are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know! 

Love, the NBW Family 💞

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