New Raquel Welch wigs launched in April 2024

New Raquel Welch Styles!

Are you a fan of Raquel Welch? Well, three very popular styles were just updated! We now have Classic Cool
Petite, Simmer Elite Petite, Winner Ultra Petite, and Winner Premium. We are so excited that these styles are now available to those with smaller cap sizes!




Classic Cool Petite
Raquel Welch Classic Cool in the Petite size
Front view of Classic Cool Petite by Raquel Welch
Side of of Classic Cool Petite, a short, chin-length wig with wispy bangs

The Classic Cool Petite looks exactly the same as the average Classic Cool, except it will now fit those with smaller cap sizes. This style is a modernized page cut with light, wispy bangs. The hair is slightly turned inwards at the ends to frame the face. The cap is Raquel Welch’s Memory Cap II with a monofilament part and extended lace front. These features make the wig look very natural and comfortable!
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Simmer Elite Petite
Side view of Raquel Welch's Simmer Elite Petite
Raquel Welch's Simmer Elite Petite, a medium length bob wig with loose curls
Simmer Elite Petite in the color Shaded Iced Pumpkin Spice (RL29/33SS)

The famous, Simmer Elite, is now available in a petite size! This youthful, loosely curled, medium length bob is super trendy and flattering. Since it is the elite version, it features a monofilament top, extended lace front, and is completely hand tied. This allows for natural-looking movement and lots of styling options!
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Winner Premium
Winner Premium by Raquel Welch, launched April 2024
Raquel Welch's Winner Premium in the color Shaded Cappuccino (SS12/22)
Winner Premium, a pixie-cut wig with an extended lace front

Winner Premium is a revamped version of the original Winner. It is the same original hairstyle, but with upgraded cap features. This style is the Memory Cap II with a temple-to-temple lace front and monofilament crown. Embrace confidence and sophistication with Winner Premium!
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Winner Ultra Petite
Raquel Welch's Winner Ultra Petite released in April 2024
Winner Ultra Petite in the color Shaded Iced Cafe Latte (SS9/24)
Side view of Raquel Welch's Winner in the Ultra Petite size


If you love pixie cuts and have a very small cap size, this is the wig for you! The Winner Ultra Petite is the exact same style as the original Winner, but created to fit smaller-than-petite sized heads. Finding Ultra Petite wigs can be hard, so we are very excited to see Raquel Welch offering more options!
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What a wonderful selection created by Raquel Welch! Are you planning on trying one out? If you do, email us a review or tag us in your post!

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