New Toni Brattin styles launced in April 2024

New Toni Brattin Styles!

Toni Brattin has launched a new topper and a new bang addition. Toppers and additions are great for those with thin hair, someone who wants some extra volume, or for those just wanting to switch up their style without cutting their hair or waiting for it to grow back. If you are not a full wig wearer, you’ll want to keep reading!



Salon Topper

Toni Brattin Salon Topper, short layered topper with full coverage




The Salon Topper is a short topper
that adds great coverage and volume.
It is made with synthetic heat friendly
fibers which allow you to customize
your style however you prefer. The
base is wefted and has four pressure
sensitive clips. These clips allow you to
wear your topper all day with comfort
and confidence.

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Wispy Bang

Toni Brattin Wispy Bang, feathered bang wefted addition




Bangs are such a fun way to switch up
your hairstyle. However, it can be hard
to commit to cutting and maintaining
them. This bang addition clips in with
pressure sensitive clips and is made of
synthetic, heat friendly fibers. With the
Wispy Bang by Toni Brattin, you can get
the perfect feathered bangs knowing
they will always look great. You can’t go

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We are so excited about these styles by Toni Brattin. If you are considering toppers or additions, we hope you now feel inspired to try them out! Keep watching for more blogs on new items, there is still more to come!

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