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Hi everyone! Teresa here again. Today, I’m going to take a great big breath and ask that question you’ve been wondering about every time you open a different wig style. “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY PACKAGING?” You know you say it. I mean, one time you open a wig and everything looks normal to you. The next time, the wig may be packaged differently. The wig is inside out, or there’s bobby pins actually sticking through the wig and onto the box. What is the deal? Where does the manufacturer come up with their packing methods?



 Why Is My Wig INSIDE OUT? Is It Used??

 You remember the first time this happens; it’s like a milestone of wearing hair. You wait for the doorbell to announce the arrival of your new wig. Suddenly, it’s there. You carry it to the sofa, with a cup of something herbal and you open the box. As you breathe in deeply, you pull back the tissue and YOUR WIG IS INSIDE OUT! Why on earth is it inside out? The thoughts build up steam and go chugging down the track “It’s used. Someone tried it on and didn’t like it and returned it, and now I am supposed to put that on my head? You’ve got to be kidding me.




WAIT! Take a sip of your tea and let me explain. The manufacturer’s turning the wig inside out is actually quite common. Wigs are packed inside out to preserve the style. Some styles will hold their shape better when they are inside out. The bulk of the hair can keep the individual fibers from slipping around. The original style stays intact.

Fine. So What’s With The Bobby Pins?

Sometimes your wig may arrive with bobby pins stuck to the side. If you are not used to this, we certainly understand how it could throw you off! What is the story here? The bobby pins serve a purpose. They are there to hold your wig in place inside the box. The more they can keep the wig in place during shipping, the less likely friction or possible tangling is. This is why you may also sometimes see mesh caps, or cardboard holders used.


The manufacturers are always on the lookout for the best ways to preserve the style, that way when you receive your new item; it is fresh out of the box, and ready for wear! Sometimes they try out new methods, which are why you may find variation in the way your items arrive, even within the same style.

Bottom line, please know between the designers, the manufacturers, the wholesalers and your team here at Name Brand Wigs,  we are all working together to bring you high quality name brand wigs at really great prices. Every day the manufacturers are working on new ways to get your beautiful pieces to you in the best possible condition, and you can always trust we are packing with you in mind! We work hard to keep our prices affordable and give you all the service and help you need to choose the perfect style for you. As always if you ever have questions, or special packing or shipping requests, we will do all we can to meet your needs!

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