Wig Density by Brand

Wig Density Between Brands

Have you ever tried out a new brand of wigs and been surprised by how full or sparse the hair is? This is due to the brand’s choices for what they want as their wig density. Wig density refers to how much hair is on your synthetic or human hair wig. The higher the density of your hair piece, the fuller it will look; the lower the density, the thinner it will look.

From style to style the density can change a bit, but in this blog we have laid out some of the general density levels each brand uses. This is a great tool to guide your wig search and give you a better direction when ordering your next hair piece!

Low Density

If you are looking for a low or light density wig, we recommend the following brands:

Ellen Wille

Belle Tress

Jon Renau Smartlace Lite collection


(The styles from left to right are: Belle Tress Ceremony, Jon Renau Cameron Lite, Ellen Wille Java, Belle Tress Anatolia )


Medium Density

Looking for something with more of a medium density? The following brands fall right in the middle of that density scale:

Jon Renau (with the exception of their Smartlace Lite collection which has a lighter density)

Amore Wigs

Henry Margu

Tony of Beverly


Fair Fashion

Raquel Welch


(The styles from left to right are: Henry Margu HannahOrchid EnviousFair Fashion AuraJon Renau Camilla)


High Density

Like LOTS of hair? You may want to opt for one of the high density brands below:



Rene of Paris

Mane Attraction



(The styles from left to right are: Rene of Paris Kourtney,  TressAllure California Beach Waves,  Gabor Bouncy Beauty,  Noriko Reese)


Density that Varies

With some brands you can get a variety in density from style to style. For these we recommend reading the description of each style and comparing them to previous purchases. You will find this information if you scroll down under the color and size selections on our website. This description will tell you the length of all sides, the weight, and the cap size, along with a brief description of the wig and cap. If you compare this info with other styles you have bought it can help you figure out how dense a style is! Specifically make note of the cap type and weight.

A few examples of brands that vary in density are:




(The styles from left to right are: Hairdo Textured CutEstetica SuttonEstetica Becky, Envy Isabella)


Final Thoughts

If you found this interesting, and are still hungry for more, click here for another blog that talks more about wig density!

From all of us on the NBW team, we hope you found this information helpful when looking for the right amount of hair for you!!

-NBW Family

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