1. Be aware of high heat. Unless your wig is human hair you need to be very aware of high heat sources. Even if your wig is heat friendly, many sources of heat are too harsh and will cause damage to your wig. I've talked to too many women who singed the ends of their brand new style when they opened the oven unaware, or curled a heat friendly style on the highest setting. Once damaged, it usually is beyond repair. So be careful!


2. That brings us to the next point, always have a back up! Life happens, which is why we should always plan for the unexpected. Have a tried and true on hand. Also, switching between two wigs helps them last longer.


3. Take care of your wig, and it will thank you! Your wig needs the right care products based on what type of fiber it is composed of. Having the right hair-care products, brushes, etc. will make a world of difference in how long your wig lasts, and the looks you are able to achieve.


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4. Experiment with new looks! Although the circumstances that first brought you to wearing wigs may be hard, once you get the hang of them, wigs can actually be quite fun! They give you the freedom to change your look daily, although many people say to look for something similar to your bio hair (and we agree, this is a great place to start). Once you start getting more comfortable, try stepping out of the box. Ever wondered what you would look like as a redhead, or a blonde? Now's your chance!


 HairDo - Peachy Keen

5. Find your fit! Wearing the right size will greatly influence the comfort and security you feel in your wig. Measure your head before picking out your wig. This way you know if you need to be looking for a Petite, Average or Large. You can reference our size chart here.

Head Size

Around the Head

Front to Back

Ear to Ear

Child/Ultra Petite






13 1/4"



21 1/4"

13 3/4"

13 1/4"


21 1/2"

14 1/4"

13 1/2"


22 1/2"

14 3/4"

13 3/4"



15 1/4"



6. Meet your needs! There are many different types of fiber options, as well as cap features. Each person will have different needs, price points, and varied levels of time they are willing to invest in upkeep. Feel free to give us a call as one of our team members would love to help you figure out what wig will best fit your lifestyle. Having an idea of what you need before you even start looking will prevent you from spending hours online, setting your heart on a wig that then doesn't fully meet your needs or wants.

7. Customize! Many people love the convenience of wigs because you can pull them out of their box, and go. However, I have come across many people who went from hating a wig, to loving it with a little customizing. Adding bangs, thinning out the bulk, or adding styling product can make a world of difference. Just make sure you always take your wig to a trusted professional when it comes to altering.


Ruby by Jon Renau


8. Accessorize! Although many wigs come with a beautiful pre-styled look right out of the box, it doesn't mean you have to wear your hair the same way every day. If your style allows it, try putting it half up, or in a bun, braid, etc. Most any style you could create with human hair, you can create with your wig.


9. Take advantage of the online resources out there! There is a whole wig community out there of people who have years of wig experience. There are articles, groups, and message boards full of information. If you are interested in a new style, you can find wig reviews on YouTube. We also allow customers to review our products to help others!


10. Confidence is key! Wigs have really come a long way. There are options out there for literally every level of hair loss, and every lifestyle. There are not only full wigs, but toppers, halos, extensions, 3/4 wigs, etc. 


HairDo Extensions - Invisible Extension

 What tips would you give to someone new to the wig world? Please share your advice in the comments below! :)