Winter. It’s long. It’s cold. It’s dry. And this year, it’s even moved south, hasn’t it? Do you have trouble keeping your wigs looking fresh and free from static in the winter? Let’s talk about a few solutions for dry, tired-looking wigs in the midst of winter weather.


 Name Brand Wigs Carries Products To Freshen Up Your Locks

 When the colder, drier air adds unwanted static and flyaways to your wig, there are products that can help tame your locks and help them retain their vibrant, shiny beauty. One product we love is the Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler. This is a spray-on product that smooths the fibers and restores that luster you love.  This is a great product year-round, but it can be a true style saver in the dry air.

 We’ve got another Jon Renau favorite to help your winter hair blues. Jon Renau's Wig Lustre  can actually add some life and longevity to your wig. This spray adds protection and shine to your wig and it does it all without any parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride. Just a spritz or three and you’re on your way with a healthy-looking, shiny style.


Tips and Tricks to Avoid That Winter Static

There are a few things you can do to help avoid that static and frizzy wear on your hair pieces that winter can cause.

  • If you wear a longer piece, pull your hair forward, over your shoulder when you get into the car. If you leave your hair down your back, it is caught between the seat back and your coat. This can cause friction build up and static.
  • When you wear a scarf to keep warm, pull your hair up to avoid that same friction and static.
  • Go easy on the washing. Your wig doesn’t need to be washed often. Over washing causes wear. Use products designed for synthetic hair and use them sparingly. Run some lukewarm water into the sink. Add a touch of shampoo and them gently swirl your wig in the water. DON’T RUB AND SCRUB! Rinse thoroughly and repeat with conditioner. (Consult the specific manufacturer for instructions and exceptions)

Short Hair Styles Are Great For Winter

 Switching up to a shorter style for the winter is another way to reduce the problems of cold, dry weather. Why not move into a trendy shorter style to help keep static at bay? Here are some amazing short looks from some of our favorite brands:

Amore Rosie is such a cute, kicky style. Brighten up your winter blahs with a fresh, new, fun look. Rosie is a double-monofilament cap for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.

Another fabulous short style that can perk up your look and your attitude as you battle through the winter is Kristi by Jon Renau. This is a newer style from Jon Renau and it’s sure to become a fan favorite. Styled just below the chin, this is a face-framer. It’s 100% hand-tied with a lace front for that ultra natural hairline