What is a Heat Friendly (Heat Defiant) Synthetic Wig?

Heat Friendly (Heat Defiant) synthetic wigs can give you the styling versatility you desire at a fraction of the cost of human hair wigs.  Heat Friendly wigs are a big hit with those who love synthetic wigs but also like to change the style of their hair. Heat Friendly wigs are made of a sturdier fiber that can withstand heat up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit/120 degrees Celsius, but you should know that Heat Defiant wigs have a different feel and density. There are endless styling options, and it takes just a little extra style time and effort for beautiful results!

What tools do I need to begin?

Before you style your heat friendly wig, you will need:  

Pro Tip: Avoid heat styling while you are wearing the wig.

General Guidelines for Styling Heat Friendly Synthetic wigs:

Start by thoroughly combing the wig to detangle, starting at the ends and moving up to the root area. Then begin styling by starting at the nape of your wig, working in sections, and ending at the top of your wig. It is best to use only a wide tooth comb as other brushes may stretch out the fiber. Also, never style your Heat Friendly wig when it is wet because water stretches the fibers making them easier to damage.

Pro Tip: It is best not to apply heat or conditioner to the roots of the wig. This can loosen the hand knotting.

Allow time for the styling of your Heat Friendly wig. It is best to hold or clip the individual curls until they are cool (about 5 minutes)  Once cool, the pattern will be baked into the fibers. The style will hold through several washes.

Some of our Heat Friendly customers have shared with us that it helps to sew or attach a human hair extension to the nape of a Heat Friendly synthetic wig to avoid matting or frizzing.

To Straighten HF Synthetic hair:


  1.  Separate hair into sections of 1-2 inches
  2. Mist full wig with leave in conditioner/protect spray
  3. Use wide tooth comb, begin at the roots, and slowly move brush down to the ends while blow drying at a low temperature 
  4. Use blow dryer on Low, dry roots toward back of wig until you like the look/volume

Set heat tool to LOW, no higher than 280 F, start inch from root with the tool, don’t touch fibers until cool.


Slowly run the steamer down the length of each section, don’t get too close to fibers, it may take a few passes, comb under wig fibers.


Separate hair into 2 inch sections, spray with protectant, start an inch from the root and slowly glide the flat iron down each section to the ends. Allow hair to hang naturally and cool completely.

To Curl HF synthetic hair


Let the rollers completely cool before removing.


Use a foam roller or completely cooled barrel of curling iron . Let dry completely before wearing.


Do not use too high of a heat setting. Select section of hair, Wrap hair around the barrel for 6-12 seconds.

Release the curl into your hand, or secure with a metal clip. Keep curl tight while cooling if you want tighter curl.

Final Thoughts

That’s our quick styling tips for your Heat Friendly Synthetic wig. We hope you found this helpful and if you did, share it with a friend! Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions. -NBW Family

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