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Revamp your style with Gabor's range of vibrant colors, providing a timeless and authentic appearance.

SS = Shadow Shades have a darker root

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How To Choose A Wig Color
6 Tips for choosing a wig color
(Styles Shown Left to Right: Maxwella 22" in Chocolate with Caramel, Miranda in 32F, Cheyenne in Rose Gold-R)

6 Tips For Choosing a Wig Color

If you have been a part of the wig world for any amount of time you will soon realize that there are an... abundance of color options, and that is probably an understatement. Ranging from beige blondes, to burgundy browns, and everything in between, you are sure to find a color that you adore. But, How? That is the real question. It isn’t as bad as you think, and with a little persistence and help from our team you will be able to find something suitable to your needs!

1. What do all of the numbers mean?

Many of the manufacturer’s will use a number system to describe their color line, others choose to give the colors a name, and then some will use both. Generally, a common base knowledge of the number system is a fantastic start to knowing what you are looking for. So... we made you a chart that is pretty helpful, I must say. Keep in mind this is a general guideline for the color numbers, and manufacturers will still use creative license to vary from the chart.



1 - True Black

1B - Off Black



2 - Darkest Brown

4 - Dark Brown

6 - Dark to Medium Brown

8 - Medium Golden Brown

10 - Light Brown

12 - Lightest Ash Brown



14 - Dark Ash Blonde

16 - Medium Honey Blonde

18 - Light Ash Blonde

22 - Lightest Ash Blonde

24 - Medium Golden Blonde

26 - Honey Blonde

613 - Pre Bleached Blonde



27 - Strawberry Blonde

28 - Bright Auburn

30 - Medium Natural Auburn

32 - Medium to Dark Copper

33 - Dark Burgundy

130 - Bright Copper Red

133 - Deep Plum Red



38 - Medium Brown with 25% Grey

44 - Dark Brown with 50% Grey (Salt & Pepper)

48 - Light Brown with Light Grey Blend

51 - Light Grey with 20% Brown

56 - Silver Grey

60 - True White


As an example: Jon Renau’s color 6/33 will be a base color of 6 (Dark to Medium Brown) and then has a highlight blend of 33 (Dark Burgundy). 

2. OK, what about color names?

Numbers can be a lot to remember and we believe that is why many manufacturers have switched to giving the color options, names. For example: Shaded Praline is a color name by Jon Renau and this one happens to also have the number name 12FS8. 

Most of the color names are descriptive in some fashion, but sometimes you are going to want the details of the color mix. Getting the right color after all, is what we want for you! To break it down, there are color charts for every brand with a description for each color. Many times their descriptions will give you exactly what the color is made of and the highlighting it has. 

Example: If you were to look up the color Shaded Praline in our color chart by Jon Renau this is the description you would get: Light golden brown, light natural golden blond, and pale natural gold blond blend with medium brown roots.

Now, where can the color charts be found... 

3. Color Chart Locations?

These color charts that we spoke about can be located in the MORE button on our menu bar. There you will find the Color Charts! It will be categorized by brand, so make sure to take note of which brand you are searching! Color Charts


4. Expert Tips For Choosing Color

Color is a beautiful thing and brings so much personality to our style! We believe finding a color that suits your personality and features will make you feel like you're walking the runway every day. 

Here are a couple tricks to use that will help you find something in your niche. 


Trick #1 Color Undertones:

Notice that some colors will be either warm, cool, or neutral toned. This can help you figure out what tends to look best on you and how it compliments your skin’s undertone. Typically as a rule, you will want a color that matches your undertones because those colors will bring out more radiance in your appearance.

As a little “cheat sheet” we categorized our top brands with their top ten colors into cool, warm, or neutral: Color Tone Guide


Trick #2 Model Color:

The model is always wearing a color and there is a chance it is the color you are looking for. Find the name of the color shown on every product page.


Color Shown is 6F27 (Caramel Ribbon)


Trick #3 YouTube!:

The wig world has grown vastly and so many people are willing to share their hair knowledge to help you with your journey. YouTube has created an environment that allows you to get the latest reviews and details on your style. We suggest taking a look at a YouTube video or review of your style and/or color. There is nothing quite like a picture, so a video is even better, right?!


When Searching For a Review - Notice the lighting you are seeing the wig in (natural or in-doors will look different). Also, note the reviewer’s face shape and skin tone because it is likely different from yours.

A couple of our favorite reviewers are Hey Wig Sister, Let’s Talk With Kimor Wear Wigs With Me.

And of course you could always check out our channel, Name Brand Wigs.

5. Order a Color Ring?

If you are wanting a tangible sample of hair then this is a great option. Our color rings give you a small swatch of hair displaying each color. Color Rings are divided by brands and are fully refundable upon return, you just cover the shipping! Color Rings

Keep in Mind - color swatches are small samples of the colors and will not show how the style comes fully highlighted.

6. Talk To Us!

We have an AMAZING customer service team, so if you happen to get stuck, give us a call. Bring us your research and get our advice on a few options if you have gotten stuck in choosing. 

There you have our tips on choosing a color! Sometimes it will take a try or two before you find something you really enjoy. That’s perfectly ok, just let us know how we are able to help and don’t give up! - NBW Family

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