POP by Hairdo - Double Braid Headband (PPDBHD)

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The simple braid just got a makeover with this dynamic twist. Place it behind your bangs or across your forehead to compliment any look.

Vibralite is specially formulated to simulate the natural look & feel of protein-rich hair. Similar in both look & feel to human hair, each Vibralite color is made up of many different shades that are subtly blended to look like natural, human hair. The wide color selection reflects the multi-tonal shades that are requested in today’s most fashionable salons. This low-maintenance fiber bounces right back, “ready-to-wear” after washing because the style is heat-sealed into the fiber.

Colors Shown: Golden Wheat (R14/88) Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)

Colors: Ebony (R2), Midnight Brown (R4), Dark Chocolate (R6), Chocolate Copper (R6/30H), Chestnut (R10), Golden Wheat (R14/88H), Swedish Blonde (R22), Ginger Blonde (R25), Buttered Toast (R1416T)

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