Working in the wig industry for ten years you come across a lot of questions- whether it is one a customer stumps you with or one you find asking yourself the more you branch out in the wig world! Years ago, I had no idea how many different brands, colors, and options that were out there. Although we are thankful for how far wigs have come in the last few decades, an array of choices can bring confusion. Wigs are a very personal decision, but I think many of us can relate to the same common questions, so let us address some of those together!

My head measurements are falling in between two sizes. Which wig size should I go with?

I often come across people going back and forth worried about sizing. Let me ease your mind a bit. Hence the name, most people are going to fall into the Average category. That is why majority of the wigs we carry are only offered in this one size option. If you are someone who needs a Large or Petite sized cap you have probably already come across this in your life when wearing hats, or headbands and are aware that your head tends to run small or large. If you don’t have hair at the moment that will cause you to need a tighter fit or if you have lots of hair underneath the wig cap, this could bump you into the next larger size. Here is a wig size chart, and guide on how to measure your head for reference. Typically, your circumference measurement may fall into a different category then your ear to ear or front to back measurements. If stuck between two categories, we recommend going with the biggest measurement.

How long will my wig last?

This is a hard question to give an exact answer to because it is very personal. I have some customers who prefer to replace their synthetic wig every other month due to their lifestyle, where I have talked to women who have had the same synthetic wig for over 6 months. How often you wear your wig and what kind of activities you do with it on will all play a part. To give you some reference; however, if you are wearing a synthetic wig almost every day and caring for it properly you should get at least three to four months of wear from it. After that your wig will most likely start to show signs of use such as frizzing in the nape and ends of the hair, not as much bounce back after washing, and a stretched-out cap. It is ultimately up to you when you feel it is time to replace the wig for a new one.

*Human Hair will usually last 6 months to a year with the right care. Heat Friendly although a synthetic fiber due to its coarser nature may start to show signs of frizzing even quicker than standard synthetic

Can I cut bangs into my wig?

Yes, it is common to have bangs cut into a wig. I would suggest using extra caution when cutting bangs into a lace front or heat friendly fiber as there is more risk of the hair sticking straight up if not cut right. We always recommend having a professional you feel comfortable with doing any altering to the wig.

How do I get rid of flyaways?

Just like bio hair, flyways are normal. If you think about it no one has every hair perfectly in place, so if anything, this adds to a more natural appearance. If you do want to manage flyways you can use a spritz of wig hair spray. You can also rub your hands together to create warmth and then press down on the hair to flatten the hair strands. This can also help when wanting to change the direction of your part.

Have a question we did not cover? Let us know in the comments below and we will address them in future posts!