Hey ladies, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve been invited out after work and there is not enough time to go home, change, and freshen up? Or, do you have that friend that always has those spur of the moment ideas and there is never enough time to get ready? In this blog I will be talking about a few ways to go from a day look into an evening look on the go.

As a wig wearer I love pairing my wig with the perfect outfit and makeup but, there are those times when plans change and or you have a spur of the moment kind of idea… which I have those a lot. I have learned to be more prepared by first, carrying a wig comb like the one by Jon Renau.  It is small and compact which makes it perfect to throw in my handbag.

Next, of course in my synthetic safe hairspray.  I use the BeautiMark Style and Hold hairspray; it is as good as they say and holds my style all night long.

Whether you’re a wig wearer or not, you have to carry a few different hair clips such as bobby pins, and a small claw clip.

Lastly, a few makeup items! I tend to carry two shades of lipstick, one dark the other light, as well as my favorite blush and mascara. 

It also never hurts to keep a cardigan/blazer in the back of the car. This way, if plans change so can my hair, makeup, and clothing.

One of my favorite wigs is Radiant Beauty, by Gabor. This hair is a perfect day to evening style, from the length to the beautiful loose flowing curls. It also has an impeccable lace front, which allows for off the face styling which most of us ladies love to do.

Quick Tip: One way to go from a day to evening look is to wear a darker shade of lipstick.

If you just want to change the style of your current wig, a quick and easy way is to do a hair flip. I bend my head over letting all of the hair flow facing the ground and quickly flip my head back this gives the hair body and lift. I then spray it with my synthetic safe hairspray.

Also, never forget the power of changing the part, this helps so much. Radiant Beauty has a left side part, but I decided to go ahead and flip it to the right side. Which I could not have done with out that gorgeous lace front. A tip to keep in mind, is to always be careful not to over part or you risk showing some of the wefts.

Whether you are going from day to night, always remember to have fun with it, and do what makes you feel beautiful.