Hello Friends, I am excited to be continuing the Transition styles series with you! This time we will be talking about giving the illusion of hair growth, going from shorter to longer styles. The styles shown in the above banner will be linked down below!

The Jon Renau Kendall and the Jon Renau Clair have the same cap construction and almost identical curl pattern's, with the Clair being about an inch and a half longer. 

The Raquel Welch Big Time and the Raquel Welch Pretty Please! are both heat friendly and have side sweeping bangs. It would truly look like you hair just grew a few inches. 

The Envy Coco and the Envy Brittaney have stunning waves and gorgeous lace front. The length difference is a little bit more obvious, but the style is beautifully similar otherwise!

Here we have the Raquel Welch Simmer and the Raquel Welch Maximum Impact. The curl pattern is slightly different, but they are both heat friendly, so the curls can easily be changed!

The Noriko Jolie and the Noriko May are virtually the same style, with the May being about 2 inches longer. They both lay very close to the neck in the back and flip in on the ends. 


I hope you have enjoyed Transition styles from short to longer. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know!


Styles in the banner: 

Jon Renau Elite 6/33 - Jon Renau Heat 6/33 - Jon Renau Cameron FS6/30/27 - Jon Renau Sandra 6F27