It's back! How did you like the last "Fan Favorites: Behind the Scenes?" For those of you who are new to this recent series, we started it in hopes it would be beneficial to dive deeper into these amazing styles and give you a in-depth understanding of why each has made it into the Fan Favorites list! With that, this week on the docket we have the the Jon Renau Zara, Noriko Jackson, and Toni Brattin Trendsetter. Enjoy! 


Jon Renau Zara

The Zara is a chic and stylish long layered style that allows endless styling options. It is available in a variety of colors which gives you the freedom to choose what is best for you! Not only that, but it is offered in petite, average, and large sizes to accommodate anyone! This wig offers the light comfort of a monofilament top, as well as a lace front which creates the most natural hairline available.
Tiffany said, "This wig is awesome. I've owned at least 12 of these and no other wig can take its place, and when it is properly cared for, she will last a long time! I love the monofilament part and how the colors make the wig look very natural. It is perfect for every day use. It saves a lot of time on styling."


Noriko Jackson

This style has softly disconnected and lightly amplified layers that catch the eye and create a put together everyday look. It is offered in a variety of colors to fit anyone's style! 

Linda said, "The Noriko brand wears beautifully, feels comfortable, is maintained easily and looks so natural. I get lots of compliments on my Jackson even from complete strangers who want to know who my stylist is. It makes me feel more self confident and less worried about my thinning hair issues. I've even vacationed in tropical climates with them and have been comfortable. I am so very pleased with their look, performance and value for the price."  


Toni Brattin Trendsetter 

The Trendsetter features an edgy style and personality.  With the straight razor cut chunky layers for extra flare, it is definitely for the fashion-forward and modern woman! The custom fit cap easily adjusts to most head sizes, but is available in large size if needed.

Mari said, "Ladies, get ready to be complimented by all of your friends! I am not kidding, co-workers via teleconference or family and friends all tell me how great my hair looks and how did I get it done if the salons are closed ?? !! I’ve only told my family that I’m wearing a wig, I will let the rest of them think that I have a private stylist 😁 wonderful product and I will be ordering a new look very soon! Thank you Toni for making me feel pretty!" 


 That's it for this week!

What is your favorite style?? Leave in the comments below ❤