With everything going on, this summer has been anything but normal. Now, with school starting up, it seems like nothing will be easy again. But, as cheesy as it sounds; your hair can be! I was inspired to gather a list of quick, cute pieces that are good for on-the-go, by watching my friends and family members having to take on these new challenges of what school will look like now for them and their kids.

Even if you don't have kids, or they are way past the age of attending school, these pieces are great to maximize your hair styling options!

First, I want to point out some fun pieces for ladies that have most of their bio hair, but just need convenient and quick styling helpers!


Don't want to commit to making the chop? These clip-in bangs provide the ease of a cute fringe style, but zero responsibility of being stuck with growing out the cut! So, without effort, you can achieve the flawless fringe. Click here for more Bangs

Click here for the

Hairdo Modern Fringe



Nothing is as simple in look, yet classy, as a bun. Now, the bun can be made easy with a variety of clip-in options! This beautiful attachment is not only effortless to put on, but it also provides that perfect full bun look, one of which, I know I can personally never achieve! Click here for more hair bun options!

 Click here for the 

Ellen Wille Piccolo

Click here for the

Toni Brattin Honey-DO Bun




Last on the minimal hair loss list, but definitely not least, ponytails! Similar to the attachable buns, these clip in ponytails can play up your style so quickly, and provide such a luscious and full look! It is perfect for on-the-go looks. It could turn a messy hair day into a chic tousled look! And click here for way more ponytails! 

Click here for the 

EasiHair Breathless


Click here for the 

Ellen Wille Wodka


Now, if you are experiencing more hair loss than what the above clip-ins could cover, no need to fear! Here are some easy to put on, on-the-go, hairpieces!

My personal favorite trick hair out of this list are these easy to wear halos. These halos are an perfect solution for women with advanced hair loss, but need something quick and simple to put on. You are also able to pair it with your favorite hat or head covering! Click here for more beautiful Halos! 

Click here for Henry Margu Halo


Click here for the

Rene of Paris Halo Bob

 Click here for the 

Jon Renau Magic Hat


These head bands are another great option for quick and beautiful hair! They provide a wide range of coverage, and are easily secured on your head. They also offer a cute active look, or you can play up the style more and add your favorite scarf or headband on top of the original headband! Click here for more headbands! 

 Click here for the 

Ellen Wille Colada


Click here for the

Henry Margu Classic Band



Lastly on this list, hats with hair! This is also one of my favorite options, as it provides such an effortless active look. Without having to add your own hat, or grab anything else, you have instant flawless hair! Click here for more Hats! 

 Click here for the 

Henry Margu Curly Hat


Click here for the 

Henry Margu Classic Hat


And there you have it! Those are definitely not all of the options for nice to-go hair, but those where some I felt could improve the speed of getting ready in the morning, and improve satisfaction when you quickly get a glace of your reflection.


Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, and if there is a favorite piece of yours you don't leave the house without!