Color Craze! Your guide to swoon-worthy pastels and bold colors.

Hi guys! It’s Chloe here, bringing you another hot trend for your summer. Here’s a hint: Think bright, think bold, think COLORFUL! That’s right, pastels and vivid colors are here at Name Brand Wigs, and they are oh-so-popular. Whether you are 18 or 80, these colors are sure to make you stand out. These stunning styles bring color without the commitment; be daring, be bold, and try something new this summer. :-)

  1. Color trend: Lilac-- Shown: HairDo Lilac Frost

Wig Features: Heat Friendly

"Show off your girly side in pretty pastel waves. The long lilac hair is tipped and topped with a darker root to make it bold but believable. Our open cap is constructed and made to feel as cool as you'll look. To enhance your look, add a braid, curl it or flat iron it super straight."

  Video of Lilac Frost

We have been having a lot of fun around the office with the colorful styles coming in, the last two photos featured here are me, Chloe, wearing the Lilac Frost! This style is beautiful and so realistic with the dark roots, I had a ton of fun wearing it! Click the link above for our YouTube video of Lilac Frost for more information--my girl Teghan will hook you up! :-)

Women wearing a Hairdo Wig.

Front view of Lilac Frost on a model

Women wearing the color Lilac Frost.

Check out the beautiful, unstyled waves!

Model styling a rooted color.

Me, Chloe, wearing Lilac Frost!

Side profile of model wearing a long wig.

Beautiful curls, styled by Teghan. I love the versatility of this wig!

Other ways to wear Lilac: Revlon's color Midnight Iris, Tony of Beverly's color Lilac, Tony of Beverly's color Lilac Meringue

2. Color trend: Berry-- Shown: HairDo Midnight Berry

Women wearing a short wig.
Women wearing an angled cut bob.

Wig Features: Heat Friendly

"Fantasy meets fashion with this multidimensional, purple berry hue. A touch of depth at the root gets you this season's hottest hair color without spending hours at the salon. Look and feel cool in this open wefted cap that is comfortable and adjustable. Change it up and add some waves or make it super straight to show off the angles in this cut."

Below, we have our very own Rachel, rocking the Midnight Berry! How could you not smile wearing a color as beautiful as this? :-)

Women wearing a vibrant wig in natural lighting.
Side profile of women wearing a fun style.
Model styling a purple wig.

Other ways to wear berry: Rene of Paris' color Plumberry Jam (Check out the Aria, it is a similar style to Midnight Berry! :-) ) and Revlon's color Plum Dandy

3. Color trend: Silver-- Shown: Rene of Paris Talia in Illumina-R 

Wig features: Lace Front

"Bouncy, touchable curls in an a-line cut with a tapered nape."

Model styling a Talia in Illumina-R.

Me, Chloe, wearing Talia in Illumina-R!

Shown: Rene of Paris Bennett in Illumina-R

Wig features: Lace Front

"Bold sophistication! Long, loose waves accentuated by a short, chic cut on left side."

Model wearing a piece flipped over on the side.

We love the cool-girl curls and razored side. Bennett is sure to please!

Shown: HairDo Whiteout in Fantasy Platinum

Model wearing the style Whiteout.

Check out those curls! Whiteout can be worn straight or curly as it is heat friendly. A very popular style indeed!

This style can be worn curly or straight.

Don't think that silver hair is just for older ladies--rock the silver trend at any age! :-) I personally love the grey and silver trend, and would love to rock it in my own life.

4. Color trend: Blue; Shown: Rene of Paris Evanna in Pastel Blue-R

Wig Features: Lace Front, Mono Part

  Video of Evanna

"Salon finish beach wave curls fall shoulder length in this trendy bob with a new lace front monopart cap."

Model wearing Evanna in Pastel Blue Rooted.

Evanna in Pastel Blue-R

Click the link to our YouTube video about Evanna for more information, she has made an appearance on our last post, 'Beach Babe', as well! Evanna is a personal favorite of mine, and I LOVE Pastel Blue-R! Blue isn't only for the young, but also for the young-at-heart; we just had a woman call in the other day to tell us that she is rocking Pastel Blue-R at 70 years old-- color is for everyone, you go girl!

Finally, as if we didn't have enough beautiful brights and pastels to offer you all, we have an exciting announcement! Today, HairDo launched three new stunning pastel styles! Be sure to check out 'Mint To Be', 'Out of the Blue', and 'Peachy Keen' this summer--you won't be disappointed. :-) Search our website to get more information or to order these fun styles. Life is better in color! :-)

Find your favorite piece!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or photos you would like to share, please leave us a comment, give us a call, or shoot us a text or email. We would love to hear from you!  

Until next time,

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