Styling Products, Turbans and More! Don't Forget the Goodies With Your Wig!

Hi everyone! Teresa here today!

This time of year can start to feel like one event after another, so it’s a good time to talk about some good care and styling for your wigs- and some gorgeous new items for when you choose to leave your hairpiece on the wig stand and go without.

Let’s Talk Wig Care Products!

BeautiMark Products

Why did we add another line of care and styling products? Simple. We want you to have all the best choices. The BeautiMark line is Ellen Wille’s addition to products for your wigs and hairpieces. We started getting the heads up from some of our fabulous customers about how much they love these products. We’re hearing some great things about this line. They are paraben and toxin free, so they can actually help prolong the life of your wig. You can check them out individually or in a duo, a 4-piece kit or a 5-piece kit.

Here’s another customer favorite for you! Jon Renau Piece Out Contour Fiber Creme is just what you need to add some texture and extra style to your favorite wig or top piece. This cream can bring some real life into a wig style! One of our gorgeous customers received a wig she really didn’t like and she was going to return it!  Instead, she worked in a little bit of this Fiber Creme and played for a bit and wound up LOVING her new wig!

 Jon Renau Piece Out





Rene of Paris Wig ShampooLet’s not forget our tried and true customer favorite, Rene of Paris wig shampoo. This one has long been loved by many of our customers.  It simply gets the job done. It leaves your wig looking fresh, clean and shiny.





What to Wear When You Want to Leave the Wig on the Stand?

Sometimes, you just want a break. Many women choose to leave the wig on the stand when they are at home, when they sleep, or when they just need a break. We say, go for it! Give yourself the freedom of being yourself, hair or no, whenever you want! But, there are times you want to leave off the wig, but you aren’t quite comfortable with a bare or nearly bare scalp.


Turbans are a comfy, stylish way to cover your head when you choose to forgo the wig. And now, just in time for the holidays, both Jon Renau and Rene of Paris have introduced some new turbans and scarves! Oooh, la la! These are gorgeous! 

Turban 2

You can also use scarves to dress up your wigs or your hair, even if your hair is thinning and

Beaniesparse! Look at this bright and beautiful beanie!








Retro Turban


Or this retro look on this turban!! It looks like it’s right out of the roaring 20s, but oh, so current and trendy!






 THIS cap!!! What can I say? So super cute! Cap


We have pages of accessories and styling products for you! I’ve highlighted just a few of our new and our customer favorite items for you. Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite wig care and styling products? How about those other accessories? Do you have a favorite? Tell us about it! And keep on looking fabulous, beauties!