Last time, we talked a bit about the history of wigs. It was interesting to take a quick look at how people have been wearing wigs for thousands of years. Here at Name Brand Wigs, we represent many name brands in the wig industry. I thought it would be kind of fun to look at some of those companies and see how long they’ve been in the hair game.


Aderans- Owner of René of Paris, Noriko and Amore Wigs 


René of Paris is a wig line established in 1971 by René Hafid, a renowned French hair and wig designer. In 1989, René of Paris was purchased by Aderans, considered to be a global leader in the production and manufacturing of high-fashion, quality wigs.  René of Paris is one of the leading wig wholesalers in the US., with trend-setting styles and gorgeous, natural looking colors. 


In 1995, Aderans launched the Noriko line, which was originally designed by Noriko Suzuki. Although Suzuki has since moved on, Aderans has built this line into one of its biggest sellers. One of Noriko's big innovations in 1998 was the creation of gradient colors, which progress gradually from one color to another.


Also in 1998, Aderans added the Amore line. The Amore wig line is a premier double-monofilament wig line created especially for the medical needs client. The double monofilament is softer on the scalp. It also means each individual hair is hand-tied into the wig, giving it a very natural movement and allowing the wearer to change the part in the wig. In 2005 and 2006, the monofilament top was added to many styles in the Noriko line as well. In 2007, the Hybrant color line was added: a more pronounced gradient color style with dark roots. Now Aderans also has colors with an even longer dark root, which are very popular with many customers.



Jon Renau Is A Big Player in The Wig Industry


We love Jon Renau! This company is another big deal in the ready-to-wear hair world. The husband and wife owners of Jon Renau and EasiHair, John and Stella Reynolds, founded the company in 1984. They are based in California, but the company began in South Africa. This company also does color in a big, big way!


They have over 1500 pieces in their hair line, including lots of extensions and additions in the EasiHair line. Renau carries synthetic and human hair and makes a big splash with their Smart Lace lace front wigs.Lace front wigs add a bit of open weave mesh at the front, which gives a very natural-looking hairline.


 Jon Renau also carries a heat defiant line. Synthetic wigs are notorious for being super sensitive to heat. Even leaning down to take some cookies out of a hot oven can cause the typical synthetic wig to melt. Heat defiant wigs are made of a different type of fiber, which stands up to heat- and can even be curled with a curling iron!


HairUWear Is A Heavy Hitter in Hair Too


HairUWear was founded as Gabor Wigs in 1968.They now own eight leading brands as well as private label wigs. Several of HairUWear’s lines are additions and extensions, including Hairdo, POP by Hairdo and Great Lengths, a human hair extension line.


One of HairUWear’s most popular (and famous?) lines is the Raquel Welch line. The actress is very involved in the styling and modeling of her famous line, which includes heat-friendly wigs, sumptuously soft Sheer Indulgence monofilament tops and lace front wigs. Here’s a wig maintenance tip, straight from the lips of the beautiful Welch, according to an article by Simon Doonan, on, “I hang mine up overnight, upside down. Clip it to a coat hanger, by the morning it is perfectly fluffed.” So, there you go, ladies, right from the name on the brand!!


HairUWear also carries a wide line of colors, which vary from brand to brand. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of reddish tones and undertones in Raquel’s line. After all, it is the color that made her famous. You’ll also find human hair wigs, including Remy Human Hair, which includes the hair follicle and is considered to be the top-of-the-line when it comes to hair for a wig.


Well, there’s a bit of history on three of our biggest wig producers! Interesting marketing note, from what I found, each brand claims to be the leader in the industry! Here at Name Brand Wigs, we agree- you are all fantastic!