Hello friends! Have you gotten yourself some new hair or maybe tried a new color and you don’t recognize the person in the mirror? If so, you are not alone.


When I first started wearing wigs I would stay very close to my natural hair color and style. I highly recommend this to any new wig wearer. It can be overwhelming wearing wigs for the first time, so getting a longer or shorter wig and then throwing in a completely different color than what your bio hair is can be a total shock to the one looking into the mirror and to those familiar with you.


It took me some time to grow and learn before I fully became comfortable with changing the color and style of my wigs. I now wear what I feel looks good on me and also my skin tone, although it has been with a lot of trial and error. For instant, I love wearing blonde wigs but some blondes can totally wash me out and I look like a vampire that hasn’t seen the light of day in a hundred years, but some of the ash blondes literally brighten my face and I look years younger. That is always a plus in my book! I can say the same thing about the reds and brunettes. If the reds have to many orange tones in them or if the brunettes are really dark, like a number 4, I know they don’t suit my skin tone like a number 33 in a red or a 10 in a brunette shade would.

 Raquel Welch Going Places in Deepest Ruby

(Raquel Welch Going Places in Deepest Ruby)

I have had some ladies ask me “Kim, I am a brunette but would love to go blonde. What color would you recommend?” My advice is to get yourself a brunette wig with some blonde highlights around the face, this will give you some idea on what you may look like as a blonde but also keeping it simple without becoming overwhelmed and discouraged with your new hair. Raquel Welch is a brand that has those highlights around the face with most of her wigs.

The color Almondine by Jon Renau is a great color to try if you want to add some blonde in your life.

The color Caramel Kiss by Estetica is also another great color for those transitioning from brunette to blonde.

 Eden by Estetica in Caramel Kiss

Take time to become comfortable and confident in wearing your wigs and trust me, once that happens you will be wearing different styles and colors or maybe you find that one style, brand, and color and stick with it forever. Just stay true to who you are and wear what makes you happy.


You can fall in love with your hair again. We have many choices with brands, colors, and styles. Need help finding that perfect wig? Connect with one of Name Brand Wigs friendly customer service representatives who would be happy to help and also take a look on YouTube, there are a whole host of wig reviewers out there. I am one of them and I love helping other women who are going through this hair loss journey or someone who has a head full of hair but wants to change up their style and color without commitment.


                            “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”      -Robert Morley.


If wearing a wig helps with loving ourselves, that is a win, win situation. We have the hair of our dreams and love what we see in the mirror! Oh happy day! Makes me want to sing that song by Pharrell Williams, added with a little bit of country Kim.

Because I'm wiggin

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