Hello my friends! Recently I have had conversations with women whom have told me one of two things; either they have many wigs they can sift through every day and they try many different styles, or women who have only a few wigs that look similar or are the same because they want to present a very similar style every day. Whichever camp you are in, I think it is a great idea to have at least a few wigs (if possible) at your disposal to keep them nicer longer and to switch it up even slightly. I believe there are five wigs you should have in your closet!



Every woman has this wig. Her ride or die, best friend, never failing wig. This would be your favorite style. You go to work, bring your kids to school, go to the grocery store or pretty much anything else in this wig!


This is your date night or ladies night out wig. Put yourself in a style that is a little outside of your comfort zone. If you typically wear a long straight style, maybe try some big curls or even take some length off! You could also have a pre-styled wig ready to go with a cute braid or lots of volume. 


This wig would be your wig you feel is secure and you're okay with it getting a little sweaty! If you go on jogs, hikes, or play sports. Or this could be your boating or motorcycle wig. My aunt actually wears a halo on the boat or motorcycle because it can be quite a bit cooler than a full wig!


This is your just in case wig. This would most likely be the same as your everyday wig, because I have heard many stories where women accidentally ruin their everyday wig. Maybe they got to close too the oven or tried to add bangs and it did not turn out as they were hoping. It is always good to have an extra! 


This would be your wig for grabbing the mail, working in the garden, or cleaning in the house. Maybe it's an every day wig that has gotten older and you don't prefer to wear it out anymore. I would even recommend a turban as these can be soft and comfortable on a lazy day!

Thank you so much for reading this today! 

Sincerely yours,