“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.”  ― Lucille Ball       


Lucy said it well, but maybe it's not only a man's turn to fall in love with red hair but yours! There is just something about red hair that brings on a classy, vintage, and bold look. I know... you've always wanted to try it, right? At least until all those doubts hit and then you're thinking there is no way I could pull off a red! We think there is a red out there for you and it just takes a little research to find that right one. With the tips below you will be well on your way!


 Choosing The Perfect Red

When choosing a red it comes down to your complexion and skin tone. To get the right red you will actually want to go opposite of your skin tone. No worries, I will show you some pictures below illustrating what I mean. The opposite effect brings that contrasting vibrancy we love about redheads.

Let's get started by beginning with all my warm toned people! Those with an olive or yellow skin tone would want to choose a cooler red. Cooler reds will have more of a violet undertone. Not that you necessarily have to see a violet color in the cooler reds, but it would include those with more of an auburn/reddish-brown and muted feel as well.

 For my cool toned people you will want to try more of those coppery, warm, and bright reds. Anyone with a cooler tone skin will have either a neutral, ivory, or peaches and cream look to their skin. 

 Lets' take a look at some comparisons! With these you can notice that the color doesn't actually look awful on cooler skin tones, rather it washes out the complexion a little more not giving as much life as we would like a red to do. With a warm skin tone you will notice slightly more vibrancy and the color complimenting the skin.

Colors Favoring Warm Skin Tones

Jon Renau Mariska in Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V)






 Raquel Welch Curve Appeal in Deepest Ruby (RL33/35)


      COOL TONED                                                     






Raquel Welch Breeze in Glazed Cinnamon (R3025S)

(Plays on the muted auburn-brown tones)







                                                   Colors Favoring Cool Skin Tones

                   With the colors below we will see how they bring vibrancy to our cool toned complexions!


Tony of Beverly Pippa in Sunset Red






One color we found that seemed to compliment both warm and cool skin tones was Estetica's R30/28/26. There is a reason it is such a popular red, and is a great option if you are looking to find out if red hair is for you!

Here we have the Estetica Ocean in R30/28/26 on a warm and cool tone:

Red hair always seem to invoke the image of a fearless woman who is not afraid to take risks or stand out in the crowd! We have to admit when we first saw Noriko's new color Red Copper we weren't sure what to think. Who could actually pull that off? Well, as it turns out, everyone! This is another great color with just the right mix of different red tones where it works on any complexion. All you need is the confidence to back it up!


Have you ever found yourself wishing you were a natural-born redhead? Wondering what you would look like with red hair? You are in good company - less than 2% of people are born with red hair, which leaves a large percentage of us wondering what it would be like to look so radiant. The great thing about wigs, now you don't have to wonder!

We hope this gives you a little more incentive to give red hair a try. Wishing you all a great Autumn season, filled with lots of pumpkin spice, pretty fall trees, and fun fall hair!