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Seeing Double Posts

Hello friends! You asked and I am here to answer. I received a bunch of feedback that you would like to see sister colors and I decided to go big! Today I wanted to share with you the most popular Rooted blondes from each brand that are all pretty similar to each other. I will label them on all of the pictures and then dive more into specifics. 


As you can see from above, most of these colors are very interchangeable if you are okay with slight variances. 

The Tony of Beverly Rooted Vanilla will be the lightest of all the rooted blondes, but this will be the closest to any of these other colors. 



Colors like the HairDo SS14/88 and the TressAllure Chiffon Candy will have some of the warmer and more golden highlighting.

The Gabor GL14/22SS (SS Sandy Blonde) is a color with what Gabor calls a Soft Shade, so this color will have a much more subtle root than the other colors. 

*The preceding colors are not all the exact same, there will be differences in how light they are and the different highlighting, but these would be some of the closest matches to the others in this post.*

There you are, some of our most popular sister blondes from our top brands! What other colors would you like to see sisters for? 

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  • Texasbrit on

    This is a fantastic service! Please do this with Ellen Wille, Envy and other brands in browns, cool and warm and rooted browns. More more more! I have been looking for this kind of help for years. You all are great at name brand wigs. I appreciate your personal service

  • Shirley DeGeorge on

    Would LOVE to see Auburn shades, love to see TOB “Wineberry” matches for starters. I find the auburn/reds the most difficult to figure out. This SEEING DOUBLE is a wonderful idea and will be busy all the time!

  • Nina on

    Can you do this with Sandy Silver?? It would be really helpful for those of us who are into the grey colors.

  • Name Brand Wigs Support on

    We so appreciate hearing from all of you, and are thrilled this post was found to be helpful! We will be doing more color comparison blog posts in the future, as this is one of the questions we receive most often. Those of you who had specific color questions will be receiving an e-mail from our Hair Care Team.

  • Debera on

    I would love to see some brunette shades an auburn shades an see some comparisons…

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