How do I travel with my wig?

Whether you are new to wigs or a pro wig wearer, traveling with your wig can be daunting. Here are a list of items to consider, a few things to plan out, and helps for trying to be prepared for the unknown. Enjoy our list of our top tips to get you through any traveling challenges!

Preparation Phase

What should I pack?

Here is your catch-all check list:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Detangler
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Travel Wig Stand
  • Styling gel or hair spray
  • Plastic container for wig while traveling- (We will take more about this later)
  • Wig Cap
  • Wig Grip
  • Accessories- Hats, clips, headbands, ponytails and bobby pins
  • And anything else you may use on a regular basis with your wig!

This may be obvious for people that are flying, but when packing your hair supplies, make sure all your items are in the required 3.4 ounce bottles or containers. You can take your existing products and fill them into any regular travel sized containers (like containers from the Dollar Tree or Walmart). Or you can purchase the ready-to-go travel sized kits:


Jon Renau Travel Kit

Jon Renau - Synthetic Fibers Travel Kit

HairUWear Travel Kit

HairUWear - Essential Care Travel Kit

BeautiMark - 4 Piece Synthetic Travel Must Haves


Envy - Travel Kit

How many wigs should I pack?

Simply, however many different styles you expect to wear on the trip. A general ideal to keep in mind is: One main wig, one messier wig you don’t mind if it gets a little beat up, and one nice wig to wear out to dinner or a special occasion.

How do I pack the wig safely?

To keep your wig secure while traveling, packing it safely is of utmost importance. To pack it safely, we recommend turning your synthetic or human hair wig inside out, and then gently folding the long hairs into the cap (if your wig has long hair). Next, put a hair net around the wig to keep everything in place. Then, to keep it extra secure, wrap a silk scarf around the wig, and place it in a sealable plastic bag or container (make sure the scarf is silk, not cotton or synthetic fiber that can make the wig frizzy)


Now, you can put the wig in your suitcase or carry-on and be on your way! We suggest putting at least one wig in your carry on, you never know what might happen with your stored-away luggage.

We also recommend bringing a wide tooth comb and a travel sized detangler, (for touch ups along the way) in your carry on.

If you are an avid traveler, or just a cute-bag lover, you can consider ordering Belle Tress’ travel case (instead of using zip-able plastic bags).

Belle Tress - Perfect Wig Travel Case


Leaving Home

What to wear for the journey?

Comfort is key! Try wearing something light weight and comfortable. We recommend a shorter style if possible, or pulling it into a low ponytail, as towards the end of the flight or car drive the hair might be tangled from the rough seating fabric. You could also ditch the style and go for a soft scarf or headcover wrap. In the end it is whatever you are most comfortable with! 

Wavy Day wig by Raquel Welch

Shown: Raquel Welch Wavy Day in RL14/22SS


How do I get through Airport Security with my wig?

In concern with traveling, the number one worry I hear is getting through Airport Security. Be assured that ninety percent of the time, you will be able to walk through airport security without any problems.

Another reassurance: TSA is not required to ask you to remove your wig. In the big body scanner, they will be able to identify a wig, but just like our clothes, they can see through it, and recognize if anything is being hidden or not. If by chance, they pull you aside to check under your wig, you may ask for a private room so you can feel comfortable removing it in privacy. TSA is required to provide a private room for a check when asked.

Another tip: Try wearing the same wig or hair color as in your driver’s license or passport. This isn’t necessary, but it can help ease the process of going through airport security. Even non wig wears can get questions about, “oh, you dyed your hair,” or “you changed your hair”. It can help you feel more comfortable by not having to joke or lie about wearing a wig and deter any red flags they may have.

Where to store your wig while on vacation:

To help maintain the shape of the wig and keep it fresh, we recommend taking it out when you get to your destination. Put it on a travel wig stand during your stay, this will help it not tangle or get creased unnecessarily. If you are not comfortable having the wig out on a stand where you are staying, make sure to keep it safe in the travel container and not just laid out in your suitcase, subject to tangling.



Final Thoughts

As far as the rest, have fun! Taking care of your wig on vacation should be similar to taking care of it at home. Wash it as necessary, style it how you usually do, and try to detangle it after each wear. Also, try using a dry shampoo if the wig needs a pick me up, targeting it at the base, and the hairs that touch your face. Bon Voyage!

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