Not much comes close to the feeling of walking into a room radiating confidence, knowing you look your best. For some people, that might seem unachievable, and they feel like the eyes on them are able to see right through the wig on their head. The whole point of wearing a wig is to feel as lovely and bold as you did when you had a full head of natural hair. It’s hard to carry out that courage when you are worried about your wig not looking natural.

Whether you are new to the wig world, or you are a true veteran, it seems like there is always more to learn in this fabulous faux hair life. I’ve compiled a list of simple, yet impactful tips to help your wig wearing experience go smoother, and allow your wig to blend perfectly into you.


This first tip may be obvious, but still important! Finding a piece that is close to your original hair can be a life saver, especially for people that are new to wigs. It helps the transition into the wig world feel all that much safer. It gives people no reason to do a double take. The wig that I decided on is Ellen Wille Affair in Chocolate Mix. The color is personally a little dark for me, but this winter season, my hair hasn’t been brightened by the sun, so the step down in color still works! The cut is also different from my natural hair, but overall, I was confident in it, and she felt like my own. Even my husband had to look closer to realize it wasn’t my natural hair! So even if the wig is not an identical match, it can still provide a natural look for you.




Lace fronts and monofilament tops add that extra flare that leave people with no doubt that is your real hair. Monofilament, often abbreviated to “Mono”, is a fine mesh material that each hair fiber is individually pulled through and tied. This gives the appearance of a real scalp, as each hair looks like it is growing individually. The hand tied strands also allow for more versatility; with you being able to part the hair anywhere. A lace front is the same concept, but it outlines the hairline. So, even if your piece doesn’t have a mono top, the lace front will still allow you to push your hair out of your face, and a beautiful, natural hairline shows. There are different variations of the Monofilament technique, but here are a few that are more popular:




It is a natural process for your biological hair to grow lighter, or have color variations. These dimensions and color gradients is what makes a hair color unique.  A wig with only one color tends to look flat, and fake. With rooted colors, the wig follows the natural gradient that your bio hair would have. For reference, this is a photo of me with my bio hair, not dyed or highlighted, and I singled out the colors to show the variation:


Not only do rooted colors help the wig mimic natural hair gradient, it also helps make changing hair colors look authentic. Since I am a natural brunette, if I wanted to try a blonde piece, the change might be drastic, and unrealistic, giving away it is a wig. But with rooted colors, it helps maintain the realism. In these photos I am wearing Envy Megan in Sparkling Champagne, and Belle Tress Straight Press 23” in Cayenne with Ginger Root, and the rooting helps make the red and blonde look native for me.



If you are lucky enough to have some natural hair, it could be a great resource to add to the wig’s realism.  You can easily personalize your wig by pulling your bio hair forward from you wig liner. Your natural hair blended with the wig fibers makes the hairline look flawless. Here are some pictures to show this relationship:

The more you interact with your hair, the more it looks realistic. For example, if your wig hair is pulled back in a ponytail, or pushed behind your ear, it mimics how people naturally interact with their bio hair. Alternatively, if the wig just sits on your head, then people might be keener to sense something is off. That is why I suggest putting your hair into fun up-dos to create a more natural look!

Lastly, accessories! Adding an accessory to your already fabulous look can do wonders! When you add your favorite ball cap to the mix, it helps bring your past and personality to this possibly foreign-feeling fiber on your head. Not only does it bring your own flare to the look, but a hat or headband can add additional security. In the more practical way, it can help secure the wig to your head throughout the day, especially if you are doing more physical activities. It can also offer personal security if you are not confident in the hairline looking realistic, or the color really matching you. A hat could cover the hairline and roots right up, and make the wig look very natural.

Also, don't be afraid to add both the styled hair and the accessory! 

I hope this was enough to spark some ideas for expanding your wig tricks! Don't be afraid to experiment and find something that works for you. Let us know in the comments if you have a special trick you love to use to help make your wig look natural!