Know your Fiber: Synthetic Hair.

One of the things I was most surprised about when I first started working with wigs nine years ago, was how realistic synthetic hair looks and feels! I couldn't believe how on trend the color choices were, the texture it was able to have, and just how real it looked on! It completely changed the perception I had of synthetic hair, and opened up a world of fun! So is synthetic hair the right choice for you? What about when compared to different fiber options such as heat friendly, or human hair? Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself!

What is your wig budget? Synthetic hair due to the nature and availability will typically start at a lower price point. This can make it easier to try different styles or even fit an emergency back up wig into your wig budget when the investment isn't quite as great, as say a human hair style.

Raquel Welch Crushing on Casual


Raquel Welch Crushing on Casual.


How much time do you have? Synthetic hair is convenient! Most of the time you can just pull the wig out of the box, give it a shake, and go! Only have five minutes to yourself in the morning? Not great with using a curling iron? No problem! These wigs require no styling to have the kind of curl pattern that will have people saying "I love your hair today!".Synthetic hair also requires very little maintenance and after washing due to the memory fiber in synthetic, it will return to it's original style once dry. 

Raquel Welch Unfiltered

Raquel Welch Unfiltered.

How active is your lifestyle? Do you find yourself outside often? Maybe you live in a climate where the weather is unpredictable. Synthetic hair won't be affected by rain, or frizz up in humidity. It's also nice to have an inexpensive synthetic on hand you can wear at the beach or to work out. 

Orchid Diva

Orchid Diva.

What color are you looking for? Synthetic colors tend to have even more variation than human hair. It is much easier to achieve multiple shades, and you don't have to worry about over processing the hair. Synthetic will also hold it's vibrancy longer, as it's color won't fade as quickly as human hair.

Rene of Paris Lennox


Rene of Paris Lennox.



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 Well what about all the other fiber options out there? Stay tuned as we will be covering them all over the next few weeks!