Caring For Your New Lace Front!

Today's blog is here to offer you some solutions to common lace front problems!

My lace front itches!

This is where proper sizing is so important. If the wig is too tight or too big it will shift throughout the day. Constant movement will contribute to rubbing and friction. A lace front glue or tape will help keep your wig in place. Jon Renau recommends rubbing their wig wand on your skin before putting the wig on to help prevent skin irritation.

My lace front is fraying!

Make sure to always put the wig on or adjust from the sides, never pull on the lace front, as tugging on the lace will lead to tearing or fraying. If the lace does start to fray (which will happen over time) trimming it up a bit will temporarily stop the fraying and will let you get a little more wear out of it. 


My lace front is losing hair!

Be careful to avoid using conditioner near your lace front. Conditioner is meant to de-tangle, and will loosen the hand knotting, which can cause strands to eventually shed from your lace front. Also, take care not to brush too hard near your lace. I would recommend the Jon Renau plastic wide tooth comb as the knots cannot get stuck or pulled with it. 

My lace front doesn't look realistic!

Makeup such as foundation or powder can really help blend the lace in with your skin tone. This will also give your front hairline a softer finish. If it is an option, you can pull your own hair forward to blend, or you can cut just a few strands shorter along your hairline to give that natural "baby hair" effect. (Just make sure to have a professional help with any cutting or altering, or experiment on an older style first). Having the wig on your head correctly, not laying too far forward or too far back for your face is key!

Any tips or tricks you have picked up from wearing lace fronts? Let us know in the comments below!