Let's cover a topic that has a tendency to raise questions, and that is lace fronts! You may be intimidated by a wig feature you are unfamiliar with, but be assured lace fronts are intended to give you the most natural front hairline possible. They also allow you the ability to wear off-the-face hairstyles with confidence!


So what is a lace front exactly? It is a sheer, fine mesh material, that has each hair individually tied to it. This creates the appearance of hair growing out of your scalp, and allows each strand to move on its own. It is a similar idea to a monofilament part but for your front hairline. 



Many wigs come with a pre-cut lace front, just like the Jon Renau January shown above, which means you don't even have to deal with the hassle of trimming the lace front yourself. 

Never have tried a lace front, but would like to? Don't forget to take advantage of the sale we have running for this week only on lace fronts from qualifying brands! Also, stay tuned for future blogs as we continue to talk lace fronts!