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Lets Talk With Kim

     Have you ever been asked the question: “Why do you wear wigs?”, followed with comments like, “There's nothing wrong with your bio hair”. Well if you have, you're  not alone. This has also happened to me many times.

Kim Hammon

     Hi, my name is Kim and I am a proud wig wearer. I have been wearing wigs for over three years and it has been amazing. Okay, at first it wasn't, if I’m being honest. I was terrified to walk out of my house with a wig on my head; I just knew that everyone and their dog knew I was wearing a wig.

     It took me some time to build up the confidence to go out and own it!  I had so much to learn. There was a time that I almost gave up and thought, “Oh well, I'm just going to lose my hair, and this is it.” But I didn’t give up; I continued to learn and educate myself about wigs and what looks realistic.  I soon learned how to choose the wigs that worked for me and how to style them. Eventually I started to get comfortable with having more hair and found so much excitement and happiness in playing with and styling my new hair.

     After a couple of years of learning and finding new confidence, people started asking a lot of questions like, “Kim, why are you wearing a wig?” Are you sick?  Do you have cancer? And, my favorite comment, “Your bio hair is thin but it's fine”. At first, I was overwhelmed and felt like crawling back into my comfort zone and staying there. I couldn’t do it! I had gained so much confidence with my new hair, and actually started feeling pretty and complete again.

Some people started to notice my new found confidence and unfortunately have tried to make me feel as if there was something wrong with me just because I wore wigs. First, I want to say there isn't anything wrong with wearing wigs. We wear fake lashes, fake nails, get cosmetic treatments and those things help us feel good, right?  Therefore, wearing wigs is no different.  If it gives you that added confidence and joy, then simply go for it.

Wearing a wig, whether it be because of an illness, or because we want a different look, style, or color without commitment, should not make us feel inadequate or odd; especially if that wig is giving us confidence and new found self-esteem.  My advice to you is, when you get your new hair and you feel like a model than strike a pose. Life is too short not to feel pretty. 

If someone asks, are your wearing a wig? Stand tall and firm and answer with that new found confidence, yes, I am. No need to explain why, unless that is something you want to do. To summarize, we owe no explanation for the choices we make. The goal is to be content with ourselves, and that requires a certain level of confidence and happiness.  

I will leave you with this my friends, wear your hair and wear it proud. Wishing each of you happiness! Go kill it Gurll!


Kim is a mom, wife, wig enthusiast, and YouTuber. She started her channel Let’s Talk With Kim in hope to inspire women, like herself, who struggle with hair loss. Also, to share a love for beautiful hair, and living a happy life.

Kim wearing the Taylor by Estetica

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If you'd like to hear more from Kim, be sure to visit her YouTube Channel "Let's Talk With Kim".

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  • Karen Carl, Get Wiggy Boutique on

    Your profile picture is just striking! That for sure is your wig!

  • Kelly on

    Yes , I like you Kim was terrified at first . Losing half of my hair which was always baby fine anyway I started putting powder in my hair to mask the WIDE parts, and tease and layer and lacquer up with products ! UGH ! Then when I bought my first wig , I would just wear it around the house . Then ,I bought a few more but was afraid to wear them in public! The first time I wore one out I went out to eat with my hubby He was so supportive but I felt like everyone knew it was a wig and probably thought I had cancer or something. I could have sworn the server was looking at my hair everytime she came by! Eventually, I decided to wear one to work! I wore an Ellen Wille and it acually was a different color and cut than my bio hair! One of the Doctors in the office said" Oh did you go to the salon last night , I love your hair "
    I decided I wanted to be honest about it to anyone who admired my hair and said No acually I put it on this morning ! Lol His eyes got big and he said REALLY? I love it! After that folks got use to me wearing them and I could finally own it ! I love wearing wigs so much now Sometimes I wear a different one every day! I work at a dental school so I have Doctors , coworkers , students , patients all around me and I think sometimes the units look so good , they wonder if its my own hair or another wig ! I tell the women Hey Its great , you can change your style and color and its NO COMMITMENT! So for anyone new to the wig world a big fat welcome to the wonderful world of hair fashion and confidence! But I must say a huge thank you to Kim and all the other ladies out there who have shared their stories and given us reviews ! Because they have helped us in immeasurable ways and with their support it has helped us to stand tall and be confident , to be ourselves and say YES to beautiful hair everyday!

  • Bonita Jorgenson on

    Thanks Kim for your fine example of what it means to wear a wig. I have for 5 years and I also sell them in my Fabulous You Wigs salon. I encourage every client to try on different brands, styles and colors and educate them about the reasons why the costs vary and answer questions about wearing their new fashion wigs. I let people know I wear wigs and others should never be ‘ashamed’ or embarrassed. My husband even has his favorites that I wear and I enjoy looking at least 10 years younger because of my wigs. Enjoy.

  • Deborah on

    Thank you Kim for sharing your story. I too, was just so tired of thin hair, using powders and sprays to cover up the extremely thin patches. I told my family and close friends, as they would know anyway, and wore my new hair proudly. I also figured, I have my own teeth, nails and lashes so if I want to wear cute hair, then I’m going to do it! What famous personalities don’t do the same…none. So, why should they have all the fun? I used to see ladies my age with fabulous hair and wondered why I got stuck with bad hair…well, maybe they had on a lovely wig, who knows! Thanks again Kim, I enjoy your reviews and you always look lovely.

  • Karen on

    Beautiful Kim looks awesome in every wig she wears !

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