Wig Wearing Tips

Wig Wearing Tips and Tricks

If you are new to wigs or the master wig wearer, these tips and tricks might be new to you. A few quick tips can go a long way when it comes to wearing a wig comfortably and helping your wig last longer.


Front Lace Fraying?

What to do when your lace front wig is fraying - Take your wide tooth comb, comb the hair away from the hair line. Then, flip the wig inside out and trim the damaged lace with pinking shears. Make sure to align the pattern of the pinking sheers while cutting to make for a seamless look.



Want to Change Your Part?

Create a new part on your wig using a wide tooth comb. Then gently steam the section for 2-3 seconds. Hold the part in place until it cools and sets. You may have to do this a couple times depending on the fiber of the wig. A steamer can also be a great way to restore a wig's curl pattern or even freshen up that frizzy style that's been sitting in the back of your closet. 

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Need Extra Wig Security?

Sewing in polyurethane pieces to your wig cap allows you to be able to use adhesive where you need it most on your wig. If you aren't the DIY type then another option is to try these headbands: The Hair Grip or Stay Put Secure Wig Grip

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Are Your Hair Extensions Sliding?

Part your hair where you plan on attaching the extensions and apply hairspray by part. Then back comb at the base, clip in your extensions, and style!

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How to Apply Your Topper


  • Open all clips

  • Secure the front clip 1-2 inches behind front hair line by applying light pressure while smoothing back the base and secure the back clips

  • Secure side clips keeping the base pulled tight and flat to your head

  • Style and blend with your hair

Topper Shown: EasiPieces 8'' L x 6" W (#781)

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How To Wear a Wig With Long Bio Hair

  • Place fishnet wig liner around your neck

  • Create a center part and cross those pieces at the nape

  • Begin pinning one section in a circle pattern, keeping it below the top of your head

  • Do the same thing with the other section in the opposite direction

  • Bring cap liner up over your hair and secure it by tying the end

  • Apply your wig , adjust the placement, and style your way


Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining this week's blog, hopefully you found one or two helpful tips in there! Stay beautiful and please let us know if you have any questions we can help with.  -NBW Family

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