Tips for Wearing a Wig while Exercising

Being active and working out can be a difficult task when trying to wear a hairpiece. We have gathered our best advice and tips to make sure your hair loss doesn’t slow you down!

1. Keep that old wig around

If you work out regularly, you might find it useful to keep a separate topper or wig for the gym. Sweating in your more expensive hair piece will not ruin or damage it, however it may cause the wig cap/hair to become dirty more quickly, resulting in the need for more frequent washing. This will add wear and tear to your pieces over time. Also, the amount of movement and repetition while working out can cause the hair piece to rub against your clothing and create frizzing. So, if you work out regularly, using an old or worn-down hairpiece for working out can help keep your more expensive or new pieces in better condition. Also, to help reduce that friction, make sure to pull your longer hair back into a low hairdo to help restrict the extra movement.



2. The Ideal Wig for Exercise

The ideal wig to use while exercising would be lightweight, inexpensive, and cool. Open wefted wigs are going to be the best while you are active, allowing for plenty of air flow to help cool you down. We would suggest wearing synthetic hair fiber because it is more lightweight than human hair, less expensive, and will hold your style while working out. Also, depending on your wear and tear routine with a wig, it can be better to avoid a lace front wig because you do not want them to tear while you are being active.



3. Use Headline It to Soak up Sweat

If you wear a full wig while being active, we suggest trying out the hair product Headline It! This product can be secured to the top of your wig and it helps draw sweat away from the skin and keeps you dry, resulting in less frequent washing of your wig.

 Wig Accessories - Headline It


4. Make sure your Wig is Secure

While being active and moving around, wearing a wig grip could just save your hair experience! A wig grip will help keep the wig secure on your head and allow you the freedom to be active without fear of your wig slipping off.

Wig Accessories - The Hair Grip

Jon Renau - Stay Put Secure Wig Grip




5. Secure Your Wig with Accessories  

Another simple tip could be wearing a hat to help hold your wig down. A hat is not only a super cute style to exercise in, but also helps keep your wig in place as you are being active. Simply putting on your favorite baseball cap over wig will help you feel confident that your hair is secure.

You can also try wearing a head band around your wig. This is another excellent way to give yourself some extra wearing security, and might I add, it's super cute.

6. Swap Out the Wig for a Halo

A halo can be a lot cooler as you work out due to the whole top of the piece being open and breathable. Because the top is open, you do have to wear a hat, but this will help keep everything secure and held down. Here is a wonderful video by Denise Sheets where she talks about her experience wearing halos!

 Here are some halos we carry:

Jon Renau Wigs - Hat Magic 16" (#386)



7. Try out the Ready-to-Go & All-in-One Hat

You can also try out the Henry Margu Hat hairpiece. This product is a mix of a halo and a hat all in one! There are various lengths and three different colors of baseball caps. This product is light weight and will help keep you cool as you are exercising.

 Here is a video taking a closer look at the Henry Margu Hats:


Henry Margu Hat - Classic Hat Navy (#8258)

Henry Margu Wigs_ & Hat - Curly Hat Black (#8249)



Final Thoughts

Our last pro tip: we would suggest having a to-go-bag for your wig accessories, so you can be ready for any adventure. Don't let your hair keep you home!

Whatever way you find your exercise, I hope this post gave you some new tips and ideas for staying active! If you found it helpful, feel free to send it to a friend! 

-NBW Family

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