How to achieve natural looking wigs

Top Steps to Achieve Natural Looking Wigs

Whether you are new to alternative hair, or you are a true veteran wearer, it seems like there is always more to learn in the wig world. We have compiled a list of simple, yet impactful tips to help you achieve a natural looking hair experience and allow your wig to blend perfectly to you.

1. Take your time to Learn More

Simple steps before you even purchase your wig can help the process of having natural looking hair. For example, it's a must to measure your head so that you are sure you are looking at the accurate size for your needs (see our video guide). Don’t be afraid to take your time to review the many brands and styles on our website. There are a lot of options out there and making sure you get the one right for you is worth it! Click here for a great blog of ours that helps break down the things to consider when buying a wig.

We know life can be chaotic and busy, but if you just take a little bit of time to invest into learning about your needs and how that can translate to what you need in a wig, it will lead to a more natural and comfortable fit for you.

Also, YouTube has many great resources for wig education, our personal favorites are:

Denise Sheets

Wear Wigs with Me

Let's Talk with Kim

Jon Renau

Rene of Paris

and of course, Name Brand Wigs



2. Find a Wig that Suits You

Choose a wig color and style close to your bio hair. This first tip may be obvious, but still important! Finding a piece that is close to your original hair can be a lifesaver, especially for people that are new to wigs. It helps the transition into the wig world feel all that much safer.

Click here for a blog that breaks down the wig color options.

Wig to the right: Ellen Wille Affair Hi in Chocolate Mix

Find a wig color that suits your skin tone. Do you have cool, warm or a neutral tone? Picking a color that matches your skin tone will help unify your tone and hair color to what would look natural for you. This trick is what will make a style "pop" on you! Want to know which tone works best with your skin type? Learn More

Choose a wig that matches your style. We have such an array of styles; there is something for everyone! Short, long, curly, straight wigs... synthetic wigs, and human hair wigs, we've got it all. To achieve a more natural look for you, it can be wisest to match how you typically style your hair.

Try out rooted colors for a more natural look. Rooted colors give the illusion of “natural” new hair growing out of your scalp. It is a natural process for your biological hair to turn lighter at the ends or have color variations. These dimensions and color gradients are what makes a hair color unique.  A wig with only one color tends to look flat, and sometimes fake. With rooted colors, the wig can follow the natural gradient that your bio hair might have.

Interested in learning more about rooted colors? Click here

From left to right the styles are Henry Margu Natalie in 8/27/26GR, Jon Renau Angelique in FS17/101S18, Rene of Paris Rylee in Mochaccino-LR, and Belle Tress Bona Vita in Butterbeer Blonde

3. Try Personalizing it!

Styling your wig into a braid, ponytail or up-do can create a more natural looking appearance. The more you interact with your hair, the more it looks realistic. For example, if your wig hair is pulled back in a ponytail, or pushed behind your ear, it mimics how people naturally interact with their bio hair. Alternatively, if the wig just sits on your head, then people might be keener to sense something is off. That is why I suggest putting your hair into fun up-dos or add accessories to create a more natural look!

If wig is too thick, try taking it to a professional stylist for it to be thinned or to be tweaked to your personal style. This will help you feel more comfortable in the wig and can help ease the transition into wearing a wig.

Ever find your new synthetic hair appears too shiny? Dry Shampoo is a super quick fix to cut back on shine! It instantly dulls the shine factor without affecting your color and blends in so you can't even see it. After the first 2-3 washes, the shine automatically starts to dull down.



4. Human Hair versus Synthetic

Human hair wig fiber is of course the most natural looking. If human hair wigs are not the right fit for you, synthetic wigs have made advancements and are of very high quality as well. Synthetic fiber requires minimal maintenance, less of a cost investment than human hair, and keeps its original style. While human hair fibers have the most natural look and feel, unlimited styling options, and last the longest of all the fibers. Ultimately, wearing human hair or synthetic wigs comes down to personal preference and what your lifestyle looks like.


5. Consider Cap Construction

Lace fronts and monofilament tops add that extra flare that leave people with no doubt that is your real hair. Monofilament, often abbreviated to “Mono”, is a fine mesh material that each hair fiber is individually pulled through and tied. This gives the appearance of a real scalp, as each hair looks like it is growing individually. The hand tied strands also allow for more versatility; with you being able to part the hair anywhere. A lace front is the same concept, but it outlines the hairline. So, even if your piece doesn’t have a mono top, the lace front will still allow you to push the hair out of your face, and a beautiful, natural hairline shows.

Want to learn more about the different cap constructions? Click here

Pro Tip: Try applying a dot of foundation on the lace front area, or the hair part. This can help blend the lace material to your skin tone.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, our most important tip, wear your wig with confidence and a smile! Know that you are beautiful! We hope you enjoyed our post and that you have found a few tips to help your wig-wearing journey. If you found it helpful, spread the joy to a friend! 

-NBW Family

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