When should I buy a new wig?

Do I Need a New Wig?

If your wig doesn't look the same as it did when you bought it, it might be time for a new wig. You may be wondering, "is it really time for me to buy a new wig, or does my wig just need some TLC?" Sometimes, you can extend the life of your wig by giving it some special attention.

Let's start with the basics of wig TLC:

Brush It

Make sure that you are using the correct brush for your wig type. Wide tooth combs are great for synthetic wigs and round boar bristle brushes and paddle brushes are used for human hair wigs. Using the correct brush will prevent unnecessary breakage on the hair fiber. Do not brush your hairpiece when wet.



Jon Renau - Wide Tooth Comb

(Synthetic Fiber)

Jon Renau - Paddle Brush

(Human Hair)

Jon Renau - Round Boar Bristle Brush

(Human Hair)

Cleanse It

It is important to wash your wig every six to ten wears, depending on your lifestyle. You need to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for the hair fiber you are washing. Cleansing your wig will leave your hairpiece looking refreshed and back in action. Make sure to condition your wig to help tame the fiber. Then, dry your wig by wrapping it in a towel to absorb any excess water (do not rub the hair) and let the wig naturally air dry. When washing a human hair wig, make sure to blow dry it to achieve nice, smooth hair.

Click here for a video on how to wash your synthetic hair.

Click here for a video on how to wash human hair. 

Revive It

Using products like the HD Smooth Detangling Spray will add extra protection to your wigs by keeping the fibers tame and preventing fraying. The Estetica Revitalize & Shine Wig Mist will help add weightless moisture and beautiful shine to your synthetic wigs.


Jon Renau - HD Smooth Detangler

BeautiMark - Smooth Detangler - Synthetic

Estetica - Revitalize & Shine Wig Mist

Clip It

If you have tried conditioning the wig, and using smooth detangler, and it still has stubborn frizzy ends, we suggest trying to clip some of the trouble pieces. If you feel comfortable, you can carefully trim off some of the frizzy ends to help clean up the style. 

If your hairpiece needs more than just a clipping of a rough fiber here or there and could use a full trim, we recommend you bring your wig to a professional to cut.

How long should my wig last?

This is a hard question to give an exact answer to because it is very personal. We have some customers who prefer to replace their synthetic wig every other month due to their lifestyle, while others have had the same synthetic wig for over 6 months. How often you wear your wig and what kind of activities you do with it on will all play a part. In general, if you are wearing a synthetic wig almost every day and caring for it properly you should get at least three to four months of wear from it. Human Hair will usually last 6 months to a year with the right care. Heat Friendly, although a synthetic fiber, due to its coarser nature may start to show signs of frizzing even quicker than standard synthetic.

Should I Buy a New Wig?

You brushed, cleansed, and revived your wig but, it still doesn't bounce back to life like before, then this might be a good indication that it is time for a new wig. 

Other signs that it is time for a new wig:

  • Frayed ends
  • Frizzing from heat damage
  • The hair doesn't bounce back like it use to
  • No flow in the wig
  • The wig becomes stiff or difficult to brush your hands through
  • You have had your wig for over six months
  • Stretched out cap

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it is up to you when you feel it is time to replace the wig for a new one. I hope this post gave you some new tips and ideas for reviving the stiff wig in your life! If you found it helpful, feel free to send it to a friend! 

-NBW Family

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