Estetica Sea Salt Spray

This amazing product will be your new go to, the Estetica Sea Salt Spray comes with so many advantages. It will give you just what you are missing when styling your wig. If you haven't tried out this product, keep reading to hear why we would totally recommend it!

Estetica Sea Salt texturizing spray for wigs

Curly or Straight  

You can use this product on curly or straight fibers, whichever style you prefer! For curly styles, the sea salt spray adds more volume and texture. If you lean more towards a straight sleek style, the sea salt spray will give some additional volume to your roots.

How to Use this Product 

The best way to use the Estetica Sea Salt Spray is to give it a good spritz, don’t be afraid to spray more than once. Once applied, place your wig upside down, give it a good shake and scrunch. You will see a difference in your wig immediately. For any pieces you missed, apply the product into your hands and style to your liking. Check out the video below to see the spray in action and all that it has to offer!


  • Say you ordered a non heat-friendly wig and you wish there was something you could do. When you can't apply heat to your wig, the Estetica Sea Salt spray is the best product to use.
  • If you have any highlights in your piece, this product will surely make them stand out.
  • It also works great on Human Hair.
  • The Estetica Sea Salt spray will give your fibers life without making them look dry.