Shampoo made for synthetic and human hair wigs

Shampoo for Bio-Hair vs. Shampoo for Wigs

Have you ever wondered if you can use regular shampoo on your wigs? We are here to tell you that might not be the best idea! Whether you have a human hair or synthetic hair wig; we highly advise you get products meant for wigs. Curious as to why? Keep reading!


Regular Shampoo is Made for Biological Hair

Everyone's scalp is constantly producing oil which keeps our scalps moisturized and prevents our hair from getting too dry. Regular shampoo, made for natural, biological hair, is specifically made to remove any oily build-up that can happen over time. If you are a regular wig-wearer, you know that wigs are definitely not the same as natural hair. This is why we need special products created for our favorite alternative hair options!

Your Wig Deserves the Best Shampoo

Wigs do not get oily the way bio-hair does, but they do still become dirty over time. Hairpieces become dirty from their environment. Sweat, dust, and other things around us can cause a wig to become smelly, stiff, or tangled. If you were to use a shampoo made for real hair, it would strip all the moisture out of your wig's fibers. It would be like washing a delicate fabric in a strong detergent made to strip oils. All wig care products have been specifically formatted and tested for alternative hair fibers to ensure the best results! 


 Find Your Favorite Product

We carry multiple different shampoo and conditioner options - there is something for everyone! We have shampoo from Jon Renau, BeautiMark, Estetica, Henry Margu, and more!

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Hair Care Tips

Knowing when and how to use these products are very important! Here are some tips to help keep your hair piece in the best condition:

  • Be gentle when combing through your piece - plastic brushes or wide tooth combs are the best!
  • Avoid combing when hair is wet - this can loosen the fibers and possibly damage the cap.
  • Use a wig stand to let it air dry - avoid wringing out your wig. Instead, pat dry with a towel and let it air dry.
  • Avoid washing after every wear - it is recommended you wash every 8-10 wears.


Need More Help? Watch These Videos!

 How to Wash Synthetic Fiber Wigs:

How to Wash Human Hair Wigs:

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog was super helpful for you! By having the proper routine and using shampoo meant for wigs, you can keep your wig shiny, clean, and in great shape! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us! 

- The Name Brand Wigs Family 💜

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