Christine Headwear - Mantra Long Printed Scarf #2107

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The Mantra Scarf is the perfect choice if you wish to create a unique and personal look with your favourite print. The printed scarf is designed with a solid colour on the inside of the crown and the one side of the long ribbons, which makes the scarf reversible and provides endless styling opportunities. Wear it with long ribbons down the one side for an every day relaxed look or be creative and twist and turn the long ribbons around the crown for those special occasions. 

- Long ribbons 
- Endless styling possibilities 
- Available in a large range of beautiful prints and colours

95% Bamboo Viscose 5% Spandex

Colors: Swirls (0473), Indian Spring (0475), 80ties Graphic (0481), Kaleidoscope (0523)

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